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I feel like I'm missing out on what's in the stream, when browsing Communities.  The chat and other things disappear, too.

I think once you are part of a Community, the posts should be available in the stream, even if by clicking a menu or something, like surfing one of your circles in the stream.  

Just an observation.   #Communities  
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It's one reason why I have only ducked into a few communities I've been invited to and then ducked back out again.
Yeah, I think I will use it more for really specific posts but I do like public interaction 
It seems if people you follow post to a community you've joined, it shows up in your stream too, if that helps. So the community page isn't as necessary if you are already following the people you are interested in. Just use the page to discover new people.
I think I just made my first community post in Tardar Sauce's page. I don't know if I'm going to be notified if people talk to me on it or what. There definitely needs to be more options--the choice to either receive note or not receive notes is just too broad.
+Melanie McRae you will be notified in the drop down when someone replies to your posts in communities and other posts you interact on (not sure about mobile, I haven't seen that yet) 
In the communities, if you have the notifications turned on, you will get a notification and email for each new post. If you turn them off, you have to check your community page to see if it shows an update. You will receive normal notifications if somebody interacts on your post, in the community, just like you normally do.
It would be nice to be able to make it so that I can have new invites for Commnunities just go to my email only rather than in my drop-down...I can then check them out later, because I have a filter set up for G+ emails that stay out of my inbox
(I talk a lot on here, that's why I get many notifs for other people's posts...not because of what some people say)
+Bobbi Jo Woods with all the limitations, its impossible to manage notifs from any where but Gmail
Dear lord, I just bitched about the drop-down and it's not working again.

I think I jinx it on a daily basis
so it's your fault!  ;-)
It comes and right now it's working, but a minute ago it told me I had 5 in the red box and then nothing
I keep getting random posts in my circles stream, i thought if the 'bell' was off they wouldn't show? Never mind, i don't have so much stream as it to bother me too much.
Tell me again.. why isnt BJWs in charge of G+?
No...if the bell is off, it means you shouldn't get updates every time someone posts even if it's a post you aren't interacting on, +Catherine Wakeling 

and +Jennifer Lloyd, it's because I'm working right now :P  Or trying to get work, actually.
+Serg Corrales but is it because you interacted on those community posts, and/or they were reshared or someone tagged you?  I'm not seeing them unless it's because of one of those criteria.

Then again, G+ has been acting weird all day for anything's possible.
Oh cod. If stuff from Communities showed up in my stream, I would quit all the communities. That would be total overload.
Just six, but three of them update so frequently that I can't ever get notifications or else my entire personal internet will explode.
I'm saying just show posts in the stream from the ones I belong to.  Or have a button from which I can view all my community activity in the stream or at least where I can still see chat and other things.
Weird.  Is there any chance he put your name in the 'share' field for that post?  

Like I said before, stuff is kinda broken all across G+ today
No biggie.  I don't mind collecting details to find out more since the Communities thing in general is something I'm very interested in but still not super-supportive of, til they get some things ironed out....and the design of it overall is still shitty, IMHO.
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