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I believe in God but the rest?

Totes between me and Him.
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If I could put more +1s I would.
Bobbeeeeeee - LOL Love this
hey ill whop it out if i please ive never gotten any complaints b4 just alot of femanine smiles and winks ;)
Sexist joke but nonetheless... mostly truth!
I think you know nothing about religion, here is the definition from Wikipedia:
“Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and human nature.”

There is two aspect of religion one is personal and other is public, how can we avoid a public part of it? We have to act on our believes both in private and public, you don’t need to scare from these believes but id you really want to avoid it give yourself and your kids better reason to avoid it.
you know when you have nothing defend you talk like this. End of story :)
Tom, first part is good, but when you say "freedom from religion" you are still following something a religion/anti-religion practices :)
i understand, its hard to change the beliefs.
arun kb
absolute right..
Then I guess we'll have to flag YOU as inappropriate. You don't like the post, mute it. You have absolutely no right telling people what they can or can't post.
Religion, superstition, whatever. Problem is, the believers often feel obligated to share. That's how the virus spreads.
Todd, there is a difference between religion and superstition. And if you find things on internet and compare; you will get more things for non-believers then believers!
can you please stop arguing and all accept that people feel differently about different things?
love u all
lol in school (i can see how that could be misconstrued)
i do business studies, ict, spanish, pe, science, english, re, social studies, hospitality, and i used to maths, but i already got an A in it
+Rizwan Yahya I took your suggestion and checked. Sure enough, there is a difference between superstition and religion. They are spelled very differently.
+Bobbi Jo Woods I like how you adjusted the exposure so that the wrinkles in the paper give it some depth. Your composition could use a little work, but it does seem to work to convey your message ;-) Oh wait... isn't this a photo blog?
I know... It's just words. I prefer to keep company with people who get my sense of humor and can laugh at their own beliefs. I just lost about 50 people from my circles ;-) So far anyway... probably for the best.
i swear the population explosion has just given way to an increase in fuckin morons...
Wow is +Christopher Randall acting foolish about a simple joke. There is no reason anyone should not say something like this. Atheists need to speak up far more often and not let religious people act as if there is anything wrong with it.
how the fuck did this post get on "whats hot on google" anyways bobbi?
the world has mysterious ways of working
With all due respect, this is one of the dumbest comparisons (Religion to a Penis) that I have ever read. LOL...anything can be like a penis, I guess.
God is omni existent without religion. Religions are created not by God but by us to push our majority whims & fancies in its name!!!!
why are you insulting stupid people everywhere?
Such an old post, and it's "hot".. Religion is and I think the image described extremely well how everyone should practice their religion. Exactly like they use their penis. It's not offending to use the word Penis btw. Good post, crazy reaction in comments.
I believe there is an energy that exists at the core level of the universe that creates and destroys life/matter/etc. I think of that as being what people refer to as "God." Do I think that energy is self-aware? I have no reason to believe it is. Am I religious? Only in the sense that I want to keep my body clean and my life uncluttered so I can pursue my studies.
Now, do I believe in freedom of religion? Yes. I don't however believe there is freedom of religion in the United States. You can be any kind of Christian without worry, but other religions are repressed socially.

Am I wrong? Leave a comment.
Why on earth Google throws this insulting crap into my stream? I hope someone will sue them for this and eventually execute by a firing squad.

Best regards,
yes your wrong (just had to say it)
What do you mean by that statement? It's a silly way, come on.
G rated forum? all i see on G+ all day is porn i think you may be mistaking G+ for Facebook barbara
+Christopher Randall is uptight, the type of guy you can't get along with in the office. If you don't like what you start to read stop and move on. If kids are reading this I'm glad they can read and use an electronic device.
+BarbaraAndWayne Smith that's what parenting is about. Teaching our kids right from wrong, instilling morals and values. If they see it here they'll see it on tv, in the subway or at Billy's house. Don't let Internet and Tv raise your kids, jump in there and be a parent. Or maybe you're too busy watching Jersey Shore
+Christopher Randall Personally, I have no problem with my kids seeing the word penis. It's a part of the body. Like an arm. The idea that some our body parts are taboo is not an issue for all of us. I'm glad this was a public post.
If you want to block the kids from seeing the word penis, I guess you need to hide all dictionaries in your house.
+Bobbi Jo Woods My sentiments exactly. Also, why are people jumping down your throat for using the quote? I've seen it posted other places before this, even on a sign * gasp * outside. Plus, the quote uses the appropriate medical term for that body part. It's not a bad word. Children should know the appropriate names of ALL of their body parts and the body parts of the other gender. (You know I'm pretty darn conservative and believe in modesty, but hiding the words of private parts - come on now).

It's too bad I had fallen asleep and missed this, because you know I would've taken this:

and made it better just for you!

I still wubs you!
Nestal, U r right but hiding dictionaries also won't serve the purpose as long as this word remains in the literature, but then; how many such words b removed from the language? After all, for body parts, some names will have 2 b given.
+Bronwyn McGuckin you're so awesome! MJ eating popcorn, my fave!

+BarbaraAndWayne Smith I don't have kids. I am a person who believes in religion (privately), but this post was meant to make a point about how others share their has really little to do with genitalia...that only makes it sort of funny.

+Josh Kashif - yep... I whip my views out in public a lot :) So do a lot of people. They have the right to.
add me if you play triple town thanks
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