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OK, people - NOBODY +1 my comments in other people's posts. EVAR!

Oh, wait. You already don't.


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Hold on a sec! I just +1'd a comment of yours. Like 5 minutes ago.
+Anthony Fox - that is very nice of you... but I'm holding the usual suspects accountable, you are an exception.
All you mothas up in here are NOT the people I'm talkin' about! Ugh.
The best +1's come with a little guilt involved.
U did once on a comment I made, so I owe u one ...
You're just asking to wake up to 11ty notifications
You guys are all getting moved to my Assholes circle :P
Wow, really, +Lionel Lauer - I comment on :allofthethings:

I just didn't have you circled. Now you're in my speshul new circle. Don't ask what it's called :P
+Lionel Lauer is very, very speshul to me. Like, I'd make him his own spot in the basement speshul.


I keed, I keed.
Aww, you called my girl. So sweet.
*sigh* Well, if I'm going to be a sex slave, it might as well be to someone attractive.
+Bobbi Jo Woods , Rumor has it this wind will die down in a couple of days and the cabin fever will subside..

Just take a deep breath and kill someone.
I been to that Turf Club. It has cooties and smells like butt crack.
+Bobbi Jo Woods ,Might justhave to take you up on that.My bride and I will be in The cities next week for the St Paul Home show. A good hotdish is always comfort food.

Up North we look forward to funerals just for the Ladies Aid feed afterwords.My Mom backed the beans for her own funeral last summer.
+Pete Mai Sounds like my grandmother. She had a note pinned up over her phone table, saying what stuff she wanted us to do when she died.
+Shawn Holster , since we already Jacked +Bobbi Jo Woods , thread, Thursday would work for me. (Wed would be be better. The show is at the Excel River Centre and runs til 9:00 there is an Irish pub not to far away (Mc something or other) or best for me would be the Applebees in Roseville.

+Bobbi Jo Woods , want to make it a HIRL?
St Paul Home and Landscape show.We will be showing our kitchens as well as Kornerking there.
Home shows are boring but they make me a ton of business.
Patrick McGovern's Pub is where the fun and relaxation starts.
+Lionel Lauer , Notthat far South. Yet. But I have been up into Canada quite a bit. It helps that I am only 20 miles away though. Why do you ask?
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