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Hello Google plus?!
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I'm plussing this whole thread and I don't care if anyone knows it.
So you're the mowhawk that's getting more coverage than the nuclear powered car, eh?

Good to see you here. But I'd like to note that when you decided to post something, Google knew I'd want to see that, and put it right up top of my stream. And you are just in Following/Science, which aren't at 100% volume.
But, if you want to see the love, just do a couple searches up on that top box for Curiosity, or your name, or, well, whatever.
Welcome, your hair makes me want to go back to school.
Hey Bobak what is your favorite planet that is red?
Um, this is a lot to take in. So yeah I like Mars and giant rovers.
Should we try to schedule some sort of hangout in the near future?
Also maybe I should choose a profile pic.
Absolutely can do a hangout!  Get some interesting things on your profile and a pic and ask +Google+ to verify your account :)

Then we can prove to our friends you're the real deal.
Hello, welcome and nice job on that whole Mars thing.
Do you have a closeup of the famous mohawk? That would prove it. :)
Fortunately as a nerd I have nerd friends in Google places.
They mentioned I should come hang out with you guys.
So glad you decided to join us! hello sir!
Welcome to Google. Don't eat all the jelly beans.
You have come to the right place. Welcome.
+Bobbi Jo Woods has been preaching to plus land the wondrousness of Bobak since you helped do some thingies to Mars.

I assumed it was pointless.

Why you science guys always gotta prove me wrong?
He has a face, y'all.  +Tim Clary just alerted me in chat, he has a face (profile pic added as we speak).
I think that a lot of us would love to talk more about the mission. Honestly before Sunday, we weren't sure how big the audience was.
The mass media isn't covering it any more so we nerds need more info straight from you.
Alan Kidd
To me it was more fun than the Olympics.
+Bobak Ferdowsi you're like some kind of rockstar here.
Ive seen these google girls going crazy in the last few days.
Hello Starhawk man. :)
great to see ya..welcome :) Choose the one at ya work
That feel when you deliver a flying saucer to another world?
+Bobak Ferdowsi I want you to promise us, that if the Curiosity ever...EVER manages to capture proof of aliens, you will immediately post the information on G+!
Welcome to G+!  SO excited you're here!
I would love to hangout more but I'm super tired. I promise to be back though, and I'll try to bring reinforcements (aka friends/coworkers).
Good night everyone! All the best! Thanks again for the welcome!
+Bobak Ferdowsi There's a community here that would love to hear from you! Hangouts are great and amazing way to connect with people. I'd say since +Bobbi Jo Woods was the one to push the group to welcome you, let her know when you want your first hangout. 
Welcome, +Bobak Ferdowsi! Definitely do a hangout! There is a huge audience of Plussers that would love it!
Good night tc ...the Night nerds will miss ya ;)
Guys, let him rest :)

Hopefully he's learned how to turn off email/phone notifications
OMG, NO WAY!! woohoo!!.... *acts all chill and stuff*

So, yeah, hi. :P

Also, you need to be verified! You could be a Bobak wannabe! I would hate to be putting on this super-chill facade for someone who is not rocking the mohawk. lol
The +Washington Post Hangout was very cool!  Welcome to Google+ and keep up the good work!  Might I suggest a page for you to circle and reshare? :) +#Penny4NASA 
Hello Bobak!
Glad you're here & congrats on all of the kick-ass work. 
You need to get your barber to join now!  :-)
Wow, this is about to blow up with fangirls.  @_@
I know you only have so much time on your hands but if you could spare a minute or two here & there to tell us what you do at work that would be nice. It's the kind of thing we can point to when we tell others "This. This is why we need to keep funding space exploration."

*lives my life in sols* Surely this makes me worthy of a circle back?
Hi. Hi. Hi. Hiiiiii. Hi. Hey, hey, hey man. I know, I know. Space.
I am an hour late to do this, so I apologize, but EEEEEEEE! Thanks for the rocket science. 
Welcome to the cool kids table +Bobak Ferdowsi ! Come back & bring friends (co-workers) we have a G++d time here @ G+!
All these people, they probably look crazy, but they're nice once you get used to them.
So +Bobak Ferdowsi ... Let's have the truth, do you guys have a store room full of light sabers that you play with after hours or what?
Welcome to Google+ +Bobak Ferdowsi!! Can't wait to hear more about the Mars Curiosity mission and your thoughts!
+Stephanie Van Pelt That would be a great new G+ feature.  "Add everyone in thread to a circle."  Somebody get with somebody who knows somebody that can make something like that happen.... please.
+Bobak Ferdowsi From those of us who were huge fans of NASA, Curiosity, and Space before it was trendy, welcome!  We are psyched that you helped make it cool to be a nerd!  :D  Tons of respect from this space-geek.  It looks like you are going to need those reinforcements! 
Oh, also, with my profile picture people keep thinking that I work for NASA, do you think you could get me a job, or at least my name on some important thing, then they can justify asking me if I am affiliated with NASA? :P
Welcome! it is great to see more fantastic people here! 
Hello Back :) I wish I had something funny or clever to say, but sorry - hello was the only reply I could think of.
+Bobbi Jo Woods My deceptive powers go beyond the human imagination. It was kinda funny, how the number of people asking me if I worked for NASA went up quickly around the time there was that machine thing, going to that one planet.
Welcome to G+ :) Don't worry, the locals don't bite!  Usually...  well, unless it's a full moon...  or if you forget to post cat pics...
Greg S
Dude, try to get your identity validated (so you get a little checkmark by your name, so people know this is really THE Bobak Ferdowski) ASAP.  I really hope this is you!
Salam! Chetori?
Greetings from Germany, keep up representing half persians, we really need some role models like you to change the world view of iranians that live outside of Iran. I was really happy seeing your meme and hope it's enough to counter atrocities like Shahs of Sunset.
+Bobak Ferdowsi you are such an inspiration. I wish I could have met you when I interned with NASA! Of course, I was at KSC so the chances even then were probably slim to none, but you seem like such an awesome person. 
Hello, hello!  You looked like you were having quite the time waiting for Curiosity to land.  It was exciting for me to watch, can't imagine how much more so for you & your team.  Anyway, welcome to G+!
Susan M
hey!  you made it to the party!  :D
به گوگل پلاس خوش امدی بابک...
+Michael Grasser good call. Maybe there's a rate card or something to get your name or ad on the side of the next rocket/rover/interstellar space ship. 

(...with the assumption that you are who you appear to be - minor celebrity can be a tricky beast...)
Thank you for being a cool, smart guy. Stay awesome. 
Good day to you, sir!
Alex M
Congratulations on your success!
what Olympics?
Mars is still there, and so is the rover.
Hello all. So now that the Olympics are over, how can we, regular people, get involved with NASA and the missions? How can we help?
On another note, what can we do to get Morgan Freeman to narrate Curiosity's updates?
Hey, nice to see ya! Congratulations on another successful landing!
Hello.. Want to be my friend?
And now he gets to find out what it's like to be buried in comments by What's Hot. LOL
I must have missed all the internet sensation about the "nasa guy with the mohawk", because I had to do a search to find out who +Bobak Ferdowsi was.  Now that I know - welcome to the nuthouse!
Hello! :) Nice to have ya here! :) Putting ya in my Scientists Circle! 
Welcome i indeed +Bobak Ferdowsi , hope you've figured out (turned them off) the the G+ phone and email notification settings by now. Can't be harder than parking a car on another planet I'm sure... I wonder what you will write on your Google+ about page. Out of this world pilot? Flying cars? Got one! Or:Drives a somewhat unique car now and then. Anyway, go science and engineers!

Oh and please resist the temptation of any "Curiosity killed the cat" pictures on the weekly Saturday #caturday! ;)

Added you to my space circle. 
Too busy landing a rover on Mars, to be an internet men, huh?
Tell us what it was like being on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!
Take me to your leader!
Welcome to the Google+ planet, +Bobak Ferdowsi.  Enjoy your exploration here.  It is a very populated place and the inhabitants are friendly and willing to answer any and all your questions. Not that all answers will be what you are looking for. :)
Hello NASA peep! Congratulations on that perfect landing! I look forward to seeing what you all discover out there.
Olga V
Hello! Have a good day/night/morning/evening :)
welcome to the world of google ++
Science  nerds unite!!! Hello, Bobak! You are going to have more followers than +George Takei at this rate!
Welcome to the smartest party in Social Networking! 
I can see I'm late to the party but welcome to Google+, +Bobak Ferdowsi, nonetheless. This is a world of intellect, fun, knowledge, shenanigans, debate, art, and what else your heart cab desire. Just dive in. And if you embrace the journey, it will be one to remember.
Hi and welcome to G+! Where "ghost" and Martians get along pretty well. 👻🎉👽
درود بر شما!
Welcome, +Bobak Ferdowsi ;)
We've been waiting, Mr. Anderson.... Just kidding. :P But really, Welcome to Google Plus :)

Hehe, what a " Ghost Town " Indeed XD
your greeting feels like a curiosity ;)
Is it too late to say welcome! Seems like you've heard it a thousand times already :)
Hello Bobak, thanks for (partly) being responsible for all the amazing pics from Mars!
Hey +Bobak Ferdowsi Welcome! u did a nice job! Looking forward to hear the discoveries. Thanks for the photographs!! It was more fun than olympics! lol
Yo to the world.

Yolo brothers

Hey man, well done on the landing mission. Good luck on the tasks ahead!
Van C
Replace "Bebot" with "Bobak" in the BEP song. Nice name Mr Bobak.
Morning. It's trash day. Take out the trash. 
Welcome, and congratulations on an absolutely fantastic great job! Forward, Curiosity!
Ah, sheesh, what a welcome a 'hawk and a mars rover seem to induce these days. :) 
+Bobak Ferdowsi سلام یاد دارید فارسی بخونید؟اگه تونستید به پیج من سر بزنید ممنون میشم
You're gonna be bamboozled when you see the amount of fandom you've reached over here when you wake up and log on lol

Welcome to G+! It'll be interesting indeed to see what happens now that you're among some of social media's best and brightest! (Plops in Science & Following circles)
Hi +Bobak Ferdowsi. I was on the Galileo Flight Team, I did sequence integration, constraint checking, and DSN allocations.
\o/ Yay! Welcome to G+ +Bobak Ferdowsi. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Also you're awesome.
Ooh, he blinded me with science.
hi my bro   (  بابک فردوسی )
منم موفقیعت جدیدتو به نوبه خودم تبریک میکم

افتخار ما هستی
Hello Bobak! Hope you have a splendid week at work. Looking forward to the seeing more updates and pictures from Mars! :)
So apparently you were sitting in the background of a video where a historic event was going on ...... Most famous hair on the internet?
"Am fine and okey" mission complete and the list is endless.
درود بر شما
بابک عزیز ، ما ایرانیان به شما افتخار میکنیم.
فرود موفقیت آمیزت را بر Google+ تبریک میگویم
Welcome! Sorry for the Mad rush of screaming fans. ;) Hopefully it will mellow and be a rewarding experiance for all. Congrats to you and +Adam Steltzner and the rest of the team.
holy crap, lookie what I missed in the wee hours....why must I always be fashionably late
Welcome to Google+, Mohawk Man. Let's hope you'll find it half as interesting as Mars! :)
Welcome to the party!  Looking forward to many updates & discussions...
Welcome! Look forward to hearing about mars from your perspective, and seeing what crazy antics you get up to in future :~)
Greetings! The accomplishments of +NASA and the Mars program have been all the rage here, and we wish you all the most heartfelt congratulations! Welcome to the party!
Welcome from your friends here in Japan!
Welcome to the "ghost town" that is Google+! 

I was so proud when Curiosity landed. It restored my faith in what humanity is capable of doing when we cooperate.
Oh it's not a ghost town.  Just need to follow the right crowds.

Welcome aboard, and well done!  :-)
Greetings, hope you enjoy your time on G+
Welcome!  We need more people like you here on G+ and out in the world, making Science Awesome!
Haha thanks google+ I know Bobak ferdowis form other end of the world. Hi,Bobak, welcome to google +!
Well Hello GOOGLER!! : )
Nice landing!  You and JPL did amazing work (and you were funny on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me).    ;-)
Congrats on a job well done!
Kudos for making science cool in pop culture.  Perhaps it'll help invigorate STEM education in America.
I think it's interesting how he suddenly started using Google+ right after the event.  Coincidence?
Welcome and congrats to you and your team for such a successful landing and continuing work with Curiosity!
+Bobbi Jo Woods yeah I know but it's been a few days since that's happened and he's just now registering?  I suspect he's only using it at work which totally defeats the purpose of using Google+.
+Robert McGee he was registered before the hangout.

I just asked the G+ community to help get him active.  
Well then I'm hoping that +Bobak Ferdowsi will be "actively" participating in future Hangouts now that he's starting using G+.  ;-)
Aja C.
Welcome-- and congrats! Looking forward to future posts!
Welcome +Bobak Ferdowsi to the coolest social networking site out there!! It's Google after all, what would you expect??
Welcome +Bobak Ferdowsi! Honored to have you in G+ land and looking forward to your posts :D

<3 the mohawk!
+Google+ is DEFINITELY full of more geeks/science nerds/enthusiasts than any other place online!  You're gonna fit right in, +Bobak Ferdowsi :)
Hey there! Welcome to G+. Glad you came over to the dar--- er, fun side.
Hey there! How's it going?
Welcome, +Bobak Ferdowsi ! Hope you find Google plus to your liking! There's a ton of cool people here, and certainly no shortage of fans.
Hello, welcome to Google+, I think you'll like it here. :-)
Welcome to Gmars! Er I meant G+! 
Looks like I'm a little late to the party, but, hello!!!  
Hi +Bobak Ferdowsi, A big out of this world Welcome to YA! Hey ya'll he spelled +(plus).... I knew he was cool...anyway. I hope u have a good sense of humor....these people are going F*^#ing nuts! Lolllll 
It's like the Beatles have landed, but welcome.
Welcome to G+! I can't wait to see more posts from you here! :)

Psssst, hey guys, try not to scare him away ok?
Greetings from Portugal and welcome to the community that celebrates science.
I should add, that we want you for your mind and not just for your look ;-)
+Bobbi Jo Woods and her crew will do their best to assimilate you into the Google+ community.
This campaign reminds me of the time that +Leo Laporte had his TWIT Army all follow one random newbie to Twitter, and she got a few thousand new followers almost instantly, which made her phone go wild and overloaded her email box and she had no clue why.  He sent her a new iPad or something in apology.  +Bobbi Jo Woods is the +Leo Laporte of G+, it seems.  Good Job.  +George Takei - Check.  +Bobak Ferdowsi - Check.  Our work here is done.   #ghosttown  indeed.

Oh, and WELCOME TO G+, Bobak!
+Guy Kawasaki  #evang+  
Good Lady Hannah Roberts for your comment !!!
Good to see you on here. Hope you're enjoying your internet fame!
Loc T
Hey +Bobak Ferdowsi , welcome to the madness.  I just checked out WAIT WAIT with you and Adam Steltzner....very nice.  I'm sure it was nothing compared to the little Rover thing.  ;)
Welcome :) Glad to have you aboard! And holy crap +Bobbi Jo Woods calm down, you're going to give yourself a heart attack!
Seriously 400 likes for hello guys follow me I post stuff randomer than a unicorn made out of goose feathers
"It's not like it's rocket science." ACTUALLY, YES IT IS!
+Bobak Ferdowsi is about to discover what it's like to have a post completely maxed out on comments, woot woot.
Not verified, not yet!
Honestly, before Sunday we weren't sure how big the audience was

Dunno about elsewhere +Bobak Ferdowsi , but here on G+ the audience is huge. The geeks and nerds per square meter ratio is off the scale here! On landing night the stream on G+ was blowing up with Curiosity stuff, with people from all across the globe in every time zone. It was excellent!

Anyway, welcome to the G+ :-)
Welcome to Google+, Bobak!

We hope this maxed-out thread on your first post goes to show just how excited we are to have you here. :) 
And also, if you're looking for other sciencey-types that you can add to your circles, plenty of us have very well-curated circles that we'd be happy to share with you. Just ask!
Last, but certainly not least, we hope you're prepared for all the starry-eyed (eh? EH?) fangirls and fanboys who are twitching with anticipation to read what you have to share. :)
I'm really looking forward to you being active here +Bobak Ferdowsi 

Share all the Stuff!
I CAN'T BELIEVE someone deleted a comment.  Take that Ryan.  Stalking Starhawk one better than you.  WELCOME to G+ Bobak!!!!!!!!!!!
+Bobbi Jo Woods I was cognizant of, and fully respecting your first line earlier tonight, I was just channeling how asshats think.  You can't monitor everything on the internets at all times.  Like when there are 2 comment slots opened up on a Bobak post, and you and +Ryan Lestage just let it go.
You know I'm your BIGGEST fan on here, right?
I deem you worthy and shall now circle you. :-)
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