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I got a posting on /. today...
Seems like most of the commenters think I'm an idiot. Ah well... Given that /. folk think most people are idiots, I guess that makes me normal. :-)
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Most of the comments were idiotic. Where are the intelligent people?
Guess it's a nice sunny day.
This is something I'd had a devil of a time documenting.
Not that /. is part of a bad lot, and certainly not the worst of the bunch. Quite the opposite.

What I've been trying to establish for so long is that even the best of the forum family are pret'near worthless. But because that's such a "subjective" conclusion, folk just shrug. Maybe thinking it's self-evident and of no consequence (How sad is that?!), or thinking something like "It's just me", or maybe thinking that it's all just good fun.

Point is, for me: there's really no place for rigorous debate / discussion. If someone's member of a high quality / low noise mail list? They don't let on!

My idea of how we need better methods has no traction so long as folk are in some way satisfied with status quo. Or just complacent.

Is why your Frackim caught my attention: I think with it you're very near a sweet spot. I'd love to go hammer&tongs with you about design / work flow some time. Truly.

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