Can computer essay scorers help teachers teach better?
"For schools struggling to incorporate more writing into daily lessons, computers could supplement — but not replace — teachers, says Tom Vander Ark of Open Education Solutions."

By relying on computers to do rapid evaluation of the mechanical aspects of student's writing, teachers might be able to devote more time to those aspects of writing not so easily evaluated. A teacher might, for instance, insist that students not submit an essay until the computer first gives them a passing grade...

Jeff Pence, an English teacher at Dean Rusk Middle School in Canton, Ga., uses computer-aided scoring for his 120-plus students, since hand-grading just one set of writing drafts "with any sense of thoroughness" could take two weeks. The computer takes about three seconds to deliver feedback. So far, *each of his students this year has completed more than 25 essays.*"
"Obviously, the advent of automated scoring of essays has revolutionized how I run my classroom," he says."
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