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Bob Schnyder
Internet marketer & social media evangelist who loves spending time with family.
Internet marketer & social media evangelist who loves spending time with family.

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Thanks +Data Informed, appreciate the inclusion. 
Be Thankful You Can Anticipate Customers’ Needs - #Webtrends Digital Marketing Manager, +Bob Schnyder, was featured by +Ian Murphy / +Data Informed discussing how to get ahead of the competition utilizing #Personalization . #DYK 32% of enterprises consider personalization a top priority, less than 20% are acting on it in real time on a daily basis.

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Recently, we hosted #DeveloperDay  at +Webtrends - a reoccurring event where we encourage our employees to explore new ideas and dedicate themselves all day toward bringing them to life.

Imagine if you could have a day to do whatever you thought would be innovative with your company's product or service? Improvements, enhancements, or just satisfying your curiosity. That's what happened here. 
Going back to our roots for Developer Day: How we bring new ideas to life at Webtrends.

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Great Digital Marketing Resource! Nice collection of blogs, broken out by category. Definitely one to save for later via Pocket or OneNote for future reference.

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How do you get visitors to #subscribe and share their #email address? +Roger Dooley  looked at the top conversion experts in the world to show how they turn casual visitors into subscribers. Great stuff from brilliant folks like:  +Bryan Eisenberg  +Peep Laja +Neil Patel & others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            #emailmarketingtips   #emailmarketing   #experts  
Here's a project that has been months in the making - look at how the world's top conversion experts seduce you into joining their lists. Great stuff from brilliant folks like +Bryan Eisenberg, +Peep Laja, +Neil Patel and more!

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Local paid search? Totally shocked to see this coming...NOT!
#MozCast  Feature Alert. Saw something pop up on Google last night (probably in testing) that seems to be paid local results.

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Pictures of the lower unit for SE 28th Ave we currently have for rent. 
30 Photos - View album

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Now this looks interesting...
Apple is reportedly planning multiple versions of the iWatch

...But will it end up looking anything like concept designs such as this one?
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I'm excited about my #socialmedia presentation for our partners today. Yes, I am a #Xerox  #emp  
Partners, are you ready to get serious about #socialmedia? Join us for our #webinar tomorrow (6/20) at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. See below for details.

Your customers are using social media to find and discover your offerings. Are you there? If you aren't actively participating and being part of the conversation, then it's time to get serious about social media.

+XeroxCorp Social Media Marketing Manager, +BobSchnyder, will be hosting an ongoing, monthly webinar series dedicated to all things social. Our first webinar, "Ready To Get Serious About Social?" will cover the following topics:

• Why social media is important for your long-term business
• How to be successful with social media
• Our partners engaging in social media
• How we can help you reach a bigger audience in social media

Whether you're just getting started or actively participating, you will find this information extremely useful.

Social Media Webinar Series: First one, June 20th at 1 pm ET/10 am PT
Log into your partner portal > Training > Live Webinar Events for details.

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Great trick shots to get you excited for #WorldCup  Starts tomorrow, get psyched! I can't wait. Who are you rooting for?
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