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( Windows 8 = W8 = WAIT! )  If you're currently using Windows XP or Vista, and wondering whether you should buy a new PC with Windows 7 now, or wait for Windows 8 in October, here's my advice...
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Thanks for the article Bob! I was looking at new PCs last week and trying to determine whether not to wait.  I think I"ll get one before the end of the summer  now :)
would like to get registered with lowfat linux free linux classes,but there seems to be no registration page on the site
How do I get myself registered?
There's no need to register.  Just read through the lessons at your own pace.  They're all on the website.
I went there today and the site doesn't seem to be working correctly. Lots of links, no content...
Maybe it was being updated?  Seems fine now.
Some of the pages (e.g. bash commands) have lots of content, but others seem to have nothing. E.g. "Linus Introduction" ( ) has the title of the page, a blank space (my browser may be blocking an ad or something) and then this text:

840? "840px": "auto" );">

Then there's the "More to Explore" section below that. 
Off to the right is the sidebar with Popular Now and You May Like sections.
I know this page had more a few weeks ago when I looked at it. (With the old look.)

(I promise, I'm not trying to troll or criticize. I've seen this today on different computers in two separate locations.)
It's working now (with the old look). Thanks!
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