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Bob Ramsak

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Today Fernando Botero, one of my favorite contemporary artists, is celebrating his 82nd birthday. Here's my humble tribute. Please do check it out and wish Medellin's favorite son an exceptional day.  :)
A celebration of Fernando Botero, Medellin, Colombia's favorite son, in 49 photos from his eponymous square.
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Bob Ramsak

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Yet another reason why +Open Culture is among my favorite websites.
Watch John Coltrane Perform "A Love Supreme” Live. The first and only time. July, 1965. (How can you not love that?) 
John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme came out in 1964, an “album-long hymn of praise,” writes Rolling Stone, “transcendent music perfect for the high point of the civil rights movement” as well as Coltrane’s growing spiritual awakening after kicking his heroin habit.
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So good...
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About 2,000 people gathered in Kongresni Trg square in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana on Wednesday to protest a proposed sweeping higher education reform law. The law, known as ZViS, would introduce tuition fees for the first time, essentially ending free universal higher education.

A handful of photos with the Demotix story below; a dozen photos in all are here:

#protests #Ljubljana   #Slovenia  
An estimated 2,000 people gathered in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana to protest a proposed higher education reform law. The law, known as ZViS, would introduce tuition fees for the first time.
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Bob Ramsak

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From a visit to Iški vintgar, or the Iška River Gorge last Saturday, shortly before I got drenched in a rainstorm. Just 20k from Ljubljana's city center, it's a very simple, quick and nice escape. I'll bring a tripod and ND filter next time. :)

For the Iški vintgar-curious, 13 pics in all are here:
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+Surfing the Planet English - 0.6sec. Returning with filters next time.
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In today's Pic du Jour a woman takes a brief break to watch and listen to a marching band on a Sunday morning in the central Plaza de 25 Mayo in Sucre, Bolivia.

Snapped on 14-Apr-2013, exactly one year ago.

You can view it larger here:

#travelphotography #Sucre #Bolivia  
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The first photo I snapped on film in 122 months. :)

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Apr-2014

#monochromephotography #monochromemonday  
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Haha - Medium format is something I'm trying to shy away from +Henry Lee - I don't need yet another camera. :)  I will however only shoot B&W with my old SLRs. I like that this old Soviet Zenit came with an f2 lens, something I've never had with my DSLRs.
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Morning mist over the Gulf of Corcovado, Chaiten, Chile.

To view large and for more from Chaiten please visit here:

#travelphotography #monochrome  
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Bob Ramsak

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Free is a pretty good deal on either one of these. :)
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I'm in for the Nikon too. Mine has served me well for 5 years.
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Bob Ramsak

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Today’s Pic du Jour comes with a little Balkan conspiracy vignette. Enjoy!
I just finishing chimping this shot when the owner of the small stall, made up mostly of used books and cheap trinkets, approached. He asked what I was taking the picture for. “Just for me. I liked the composition, Kennedy there and Tito there.” “Of course you know he was a phony.” He was referring…
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Bob Ramsak

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Great Q&A (and mini portfolio) with photojournalist Renee C. Byers. Do check it out.
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I wonder how many people would be prepared to try and live on a dollar a day?
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