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Bob Ramsak

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A family finds shelter from a brief storm on Calle Cuenca in Quito, taken during a 55-minute stroll in the Ecudorean capital’s Centro Historico on Easter. That walk through the rain also included an Easter Sunday first: I was recognized on the street by transvestite prostitutes. I felt as though my Quito ‘moment’ had finally arrived.  :)

Three-and-a-half vignettes, about a dozen images and a nifty soundtrack, too, are here:

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nice shots from a part of the world that I've never seen.
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Bob Ramsak

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At borders, police almost always pick me. :) Again, last night in Cali.

There are three toilet stalls in the men’s room of Cali’s Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport’s international departures terminal, none of which have toilet seats. But one of the police rooms just beyond security has a state of the art x-ray machine through which one can see virtually every orifice of the human body.

From my very unscientific study, about one in seven men who passed through security last night wound up in that room, where they quietly stood side-by-side watching images of each others’ bone structure move across a 21-inch computer screen.

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The Police Always Pick Me.
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Bob Ramsak

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Another reward.

For what exactly I’m not sure, but just before my last sunset in Quito the perpetual veil over the Cayambe volcano lifted long enough last night for me to enjoy a spectacular view to the northeast from the balcony that I’m already missing.

The mountain straddles the equator; the highest point on the planet that crosses the equator is at 4,690m (15,387ft) on its south slope. It’s also the only point on the equator that’s covered in snow. This peak stabs the sky at 5,790m, or 18,996ft.

And I finally got a clear view last night.

Quito, 06-May-2015

#volcano #volcanoes #landscape #Quito #Ecuador  #travel #travelphotography

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It absolutely is, yes.
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Bob Ramsak

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From this month's Dandy Dozen, personal favorite candid portraits shot in the streets.

This super hero, decked out in yellow and blue, is among the Alianza Pais party faithful who turn out each Monday morning for Quito’s weekly Changing of the Guard ceremony to show their unyielding support for Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

Please do check out the rest.  :)
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Bob Ramsak

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South America continues to rumble.
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Bob Ramsak

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My brief on-the-street introduction to Spanish singing legend Maria Dolores Pradera. Quito, 04-Mar-2015
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Bob Ramsak

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A nice remembrance of Mary Ellen Mark, whose extraordinary documentary work changed the way we see.
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Bob Ramsak

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Donna Summer in Quito, and The Age of Aquarius

There in spirit at least, and heard in this little book shop/record store on Calle Oriente about a month ago. “Love to Love You Baby“, the original. It fit nicely, the chorus pleasantly echoing through a rare quiet moment on the…
A brief tribute on the third anniversary of the singer's passing.
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Bob Ramsak

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How about a great big hand, for all moms throughout the land? Today, tomorrow, and the next day, too.

In the village of Ait Iktel in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, 14-Sep-2014.

#Morocco #AitIktel #travelphotography #happymothersday #mothersday  
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zai nep
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Bob Ramsak

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A working street photographer, Quito. As in working for a living on the streets.

I’ve seen this gentleman working the crowd on each Monday that I’ve attended the weekly Changing of the Guard ceremony in Quito’s central Plaza Grande, usually snapping images of out-of-towners who’ve come to hold a sign or banner in front of the Presidential Palace with the fleeting hope that President Rafael Correa or Vice President Jorge Glas will be allowed to see it from their palace balcony review stand. 4x6 (10x15cm) prints are made on the spot from the portable printer he lugs along and are then sold for a dollar.

I waited until we made eye contact to snap the photo. His immediate reaction was one of disapproval, which quickly turned to resignation given the ironies of the situation.

Quito, 04-May-2015

#streetphotography #streetphotographers #Quito #Ecuador #portraits  
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Bob Ramsak

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May Day Part 1 — When it comes to politics, nothing is simple in Ecuador.

Case in point: not one but two May Day Parades / marches were held today, one pro-government which began in the south of the city and led by president Rafael Correa, and another organized by the opposition, which began in the north. Both attracted participants in the tens of thousands —although the opposition one appeared significantly larger to me— and both converged in the center in squares five blocks apart. Police made sure the separation was respected.

For those of you interested, here are some pics I filed for Corbis/Demotix from the pro-government march; working on part two now. Enjoy!  :)

#Quito #Ecuador #MayDay #1M  
Several thousand supporters of Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa took part in one of two opposing May Day marches held in Quito to mark the international workers’ holiday. Correa led the march, which ended at a rally in Quito’s historical center.
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Yes and no +Richard Lucas. May Day is a major holiday so there are always parades and marches, and politics always plays a role. What was different this year, according to locals I spoke with, was that two opposing marches took place. Rafael Correa carries a lot of union and labor support, but there is also growing and vocal opposition in some trade and labor circles.
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Bob Ramsak

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A stare-off with a Spectacled Owl. He won.

At the Parque Cóndor, a rescue and release bird park and sanctuary near Otavalo, Ecuador, 28-Mar-2015.

For the Spectacled Owl-curious, a coupla more shots are here:

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#birdloversworldwide +Birds4All curated by +Walter Soestbergen +HQSP Birds 

#birdphotography #birdphotos  
#Ecuador #Otavalo
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