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I've never seen Christians express joy in knowing their friends are going to be tortured in hell. ever. 
wtf is with all this Christian hate shit on G+ lately. 
I've not seen this kind of thing from Christians regarding their friends, but I have heard such things about strangers.

But still, same basic question; why do some Christians take such glee in the prospect of people who disagree with them suffering an eternity of pain?

My guess: As with religion in general it makes them feel better about their lot in life without requiring them to do or change anything.
+Jonathan Sorensen Christians make an easy target. There are so many of them and they believe the weirdest nonsense. It's probably easier to stay clean in the pig pen than avoid christians.

(Disclaimer: I went to Sunday School when little, then I moved to a country where Christians are second rate citizens. It's a huge improvement.)
I guess you'd need to find a Christian who does this and put the question to them. As a Christian myself, I'd be fascinated to hear the answer, as I absolutely can't see any reason to be pleased about someone else's suffering.
+Meirav Berale …but you're quite exceptional, you know. (Also, I think that the described behaviour is more typical for those denominations that strongly believe in predestination…)
+Mirosław Baran that's nice of you, but I don't think I am really - seriously, I don't personally know any Christians who would rejoice at the suffering of others, I have not personally met people who take pleasure in the thought of others going to hell, quite the opposite: one major reason for evangelism is out of love and compassion and wanting to prevent people from getting to hell.

as for the predestination thing - wow, we could be all day discussing that and never get anywhere... that is one seriously complex concept, which I totally don't expect to ever get my head round in this life. But in the context of what we're talking about here - I can't see how it would give someone an excuse to be happy that others are going to hell. I don't see how this concept can override the command to love your neighbour as you love yourself.
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