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Bob O`Bob
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Bob O`Bob

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Hyper Sight Lock'n'Load, a thrift store find.
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Bob O`Bob

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It reads as if she's tempered some of her fire, although as I've experienced her before and after she became a member of the Dutch parliament she's as radical as the radicals she's fighting.
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Bob O`Bob

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This vital information is for widespread distribution.
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Amen, brother.
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AUSTIN, TX—Reportedly believing himself to be “too good” for such pedestrian fare, sources confirmed Monday that local cat Benson, a creature that craps in a box, considers the consumption of dry food to be beneath him.
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At this point in time, vaccination facts can't possibly be shared "too much."
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Bob O`Bob

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#0: this version still can't be adjusted to fit /every/ face. 

Though that was one of the smaller reasons why I sent mine back.  I was able to make do by putting tape on the top and bottom of the prism to cut glare.  The 30 day period when I had to decide featured zero software revisions, and the state of the software (6 months ago) was simply unacceptable to me.
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I a wear a camera built into a hoodie plus one on a necklace. I wear it for criminals and police alike.
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Bob O`Bob

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Ooh, cool!  
Probably not any kind of "the last word" on the subject, but this could help with times when it's been awkward to not know at all.
Tipping is not about generosity. Tipping isn't about gratitude for good service. And tipping certainly isn't about doing what's right and fair for your fellow man. Tipping is about making sure you don't mess up what you're supposed to do.
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Like, I have a friend who delivers pizzas. The company he works for started adding a $3 "delivery fee" to delivery orders. Customers assume this "delivery fee" is, well, the fee for delivery, and.tip less or not at all. So friend goes on an anger rampage about the customers being assholes. Seems to me the real asshole here is the person that placed a $3 "delivery fee" then pocketed it rather than giving it to the driver, and stated nowhere whatsoever that this fee was not a tip and tips were still encouraged because without them the drivers didn't even make enough pay to cover gas. If the pizza place just played their drivers a real salary instead of using "tip credits" it would all be moot, and my friend might view the tippers more positively but wouldn't be dependent on tips to the point of hating his own customers for being confused.
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Bob O`Bob

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Our neighbor cat, Max,  was a big help yesterday with load testing the wheelbarrow.  The tattered sticker next to him used to say how many (hundreds of) kilograms it can carry.  Or one Max.
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Now i understand what those stickers "max 15kg" mean :)
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Bob O`Bob

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This story ate up my morning today.  Following one link after another, drawing in as much info as I could.  Fascinating ... as train-wreck descriptions often are.

On the one hand, I feel for the people who had to go through the experience (with one exception), but on another hand I think this speaks loudly for the right kinds of cultural changes being underway in many parts of our tech industry.  Not faits accompli by a long shot, but ... underway. 

Kudos to those who, in my estimation, stood up to more-or-less say "No!  We all are victims of that problem; you are the problem; GTFO!"

(also via +Kee Hinckley +God Emperor Lionel Lauer  and +Harold Chester
>Just imagine being invited to a televised game development jam, reportedly sponsored by Pepsi to the tune of $400k, where you'd be among a dozen contestants organized into teams to compete for prizes. Imagine accommodating oneself to what GAME_JAM turned out to be, with demanding legal waivers and a pressurized Kitchen Nightmares-style format. Then imagine that the guy in charge--a consultant named Matti Leshem--asks you “Do you think you’re at an advantage because you have a pretty girl on your team?”

>"He got a rise out of me," reports participant Adriel Wallick. "He got me to, with an embarrassed and flushed red face launch into a statement about how his question is indicative of everything that is wrong in our industry in terms of sexism. That no, we weren’t at an advantage because we had a woman on our team – we were at an advantage because I’m a damn fine programmer and game developer. We were at an advantage because my skills allowed us to be at an advantage – not my 'pretty face'."

This story made my jaw hit my desk, and then the floor. Be sure to read the linked stories from Boingboing, so you can see just how much this fuckwit messed up. I really hope someone got fired over this.
Just imagine being invited to a televised game development jam, reportedly sponsored by Pepsi to the tune of $400k, where you'd be among a dozen contestants organized into teams to compete for prizes.
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Oh wow! It shows how blindingly arrogant some of these production companies have become, or else so afraid of rethinking the recipe that they'd self destruct rather than respectfully adapt. 
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"Outside the box" is the new box
Proud to be a Google+Ghost
Welcome to the Ghost Nation!
Some have called G+ a "ghost town" but we are so much more...

Some types of circles where I might fit:
  • pro-pseudonym
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  • ADFP (press button, receive bacon)
  • privacy advocate (friends just call me a privacy nut)
  • "1st generation" G+ users (warning!  I may tease heavily, because I am one:
I'm a big fan of Google Plus, and of Google in general.  If I seem to be a critic, well, I criticize because I care.

Another interesting way to view G+ profiles:

The red N in one profile photo is for #nymwars
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People have asked "why not a senior position" and my answer is in two parts:  I don't think I'm going to be able to find work right now "following my passion," and I need to work, so at a lower pressure level, I should be able to accomplish good work, and then afford to pursue my goals as a hobby.  And second, I'm self-taught in Android, with zero paid experience yet, so a position commensurate with all my experience would seem dishonest at first.

I never expected to get in any way involved in political protests like the ongoing peaceful 'occupation' on Wall Street.  But the near-blackout and massive whitewash going on in the mainstream media makes me feel forced to help distribute some of the reports.

Looking for work; or an angel investor for RezzUp so I could go full-time.  'Teaser' post about RezzUp:

✓Software Craftsman.  San Jose, California.  Expert in Classic Visual Basic; trainee in Android.  Firm believer that it's the computer's job to learn to communicate with all humans; a little disappointed that my fellow programmers haven't made it happen yet.

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☑ I work in designs, algorithms, and sometimes code too. Frequently, I think up stuff that other people build successful businesses upon. Sadly (for me) they usually do so independently, because it's never enough just to have the great idea.
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It's gone. Contractors were in the process of remodeling for something different.
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I've been a client, on and off, for most of ten years. The staff are always pleasant, the facilities are always clean, the hours are convenient enough. I've even been very lucky each time I needed to change unit sizes, they've been able to find one almost right next to the one I was leaving.
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It's Starbucks. I don't go to Starbucks a lot, but when I do, I expect a pretty consistent experience, and they usually deliver. The people are always nice and always helpful. I generally ask a few questions because, not being a regular, I usually don't know exactly what I want. This was a great location for a meeting; their internet access was convenient. It was a moderately hot day, and the frozen coffee drink hit the spot. I was pleased.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: Very goodService: Excellent
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It's right at my freeway exit to home. So close that sometimes I walk. They frequently have an unadvertised special 2-for-1 Taquitos - a real bargain when it's on. I'd give them higher ratings if corporate would stop changing the menu so often. I'll see something advertised with big window banners when I drive by, then a few days later I'll ask for it, and it's already gone. I wouldn't even mind if the "sale" price was over, but what happens is the item just isn't available. What they do have is always good and well priced, and it's not a "bait and switch" at all, but sometimes I still feel a little like I've been tricked. The corporate web site claims this location has the Foster's Freeze partial menu available too, but that hasn't been the case for many months, probably a year.
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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