Continuing my tradition of yearly goals (instead of resolutions):

See previous goals here

To recap:
1) Get my play on stage - Done
2) Do standup outside of New Orleans 5x - Done
3) Publish another app on the Play Store - Nope

1) Have a play I wrote performed on stage - Done
2) Get booked for standup 5x outside of New Orleans - Done
3) Make a new app - Done

1) Have myself or some other theater company produce one of my shows - Done
2) Feel comfortable doing crowd work during my set - Done

So what's in store for 2016? Here's what I'd like to get done:
1) Write a concept album/show - I really enjoyed the process with A History of Comedy, and I feel like I found a groove both as a performer and as a writer: an incorporation of standup/music/multimedia. I've already mapped out what songs I'd like to make, so I just gotta write it, make the music (which means learning somthing like FL Studio), then writing the 30+min of standup to intertwine the songs.

2) Write a musical - I've tossed around a couple of ideas for musicals (I even had 4 scenes and two musical numbers written way back when for a Confederacy of Dunces musical), but never really gained any traction with the ideas. I'd like to commit to something though and get the ball rolling. Doing #1 will help with the musical aspect of it. Dumb idea that I had that seems to at least entertain me is "Bill Nye the Musical Guy"
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