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Stop Homophobia #CircleShare

To anyone in this Circle: This Circle has the potential to become very large, so it will be easier to manage if more than one person is curating it. Please Circle the +Stop Homophobia  Page, so the Page can Circle you back. 

You'll also be able to find Stop Homophobia content much easier simply by visiting the Page. If you've already Circled the Page, please let me know in the comments.

If you'd like to help manage the +Stop Homophobia Page, let me know.
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I had the page circled when you 1st mentioned few weeks ago. I hope the page is more active though.
+Susanne Ramharter +Max Huijgen +Kwan Nam - That's why I'm calling out for volunteers to help manage the page. I have too many things on my plate to do anything more than share the circle once a week, and sometimes I don't even have enough time for that. 

When I took over the Circle from +Moan Lisa it was only temporarily until a solution could be found to do something positive with it. A Page has the potential to do that, so +Shauna Myers set it up, but without people within the Circle stepping up to help turn it into something positive, I'm afraid nothing may come of it. :(
This Circle Share was my first call for volunteers, and so far no response. I'll give it one more shot with my next share and  then drop it if there's no interest. Thanks for the advice.
hI +Bob Mulholland It was not clear from the post that you were looking for page volunteers. I already run three pages so I´m stretched too thin, but try one other share on a weekday with a clear call for help. If you ping me I will share it as well,
+Max Huijgen What weekday works best for you? I'll draft a special post as the Page looking for volunteers to help manage it, and hopefully something will materialize out of it. I'd hate to see this Circle fade away.
Circled the page :) ... +Bob Mulholland  Unfortunately I don't have time to help manage it now :( , maybe during the next months... (but really not sure of it). Anyway if I found some interesting europeans articles or whatever europeans stuff, or humor pic that can help to stop homophobia I'll share it with the page that would be an easy way to have some news and update from this part of the world without spending time searching for it... :)