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we are here for we need to know not for we, All of of us ask same need and some nights when i do not own answers you ask.
when is here,

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i go where world is. 

Bob Looter

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simple Quantum entanglement , it is easy to rig when you work on 475 - kelvin but before you can really do this, we need to know how it binds them in the between called coherence so one wawe to a other is able to resonate the same spin for one has to be in 0 and 1 at all times so we have read in or out or have both at the same time or have write in and write where.. the write where is always a problem for it can be a device not known.. 
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what matter is how parent : child < relationship > is with in the code.

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we are here for so short time and time is not on our side, we can try and try again for that is life. I respect old for it made me understand when, when build. I stop asking why or what they could not build.

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we look at this way but we do not actually know, most research do not need it since we are already there. Why code same code over and over again. It is the same no need to proof is it or is not like a child to parent. It is and it is what makes sense , we all are here for same learning why in earth do we have to be so stubborn to see it. ?

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Happy Friday everyone.. 

Bob Looter

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Connect(); // 2016 Session On Demand: Improving App Quality with UI Automation,

Adding UI Automation for testing will speed up your development cycle and improve product quality. In this session, we'll demo how to use Appium test framework support for Windows applications, how to use Visual Studio to run Appium tests, and how to set up Appium in a CI environment.
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Bob Looter

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in the old, some one told me we have a virus. i laughed for we own miss code we did not understand. Bill gates owned a register that did not allow when. We are stupid and some times when i hear a glitch it is actually not for once we do work on same things . Why do we infest wrong and upgrade it = for we are working on it.. lolz

Bob Looter

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to make tomorrow you need to understand when for it is only thing that really owns values. Today is too late and we are owned by not having clarity of how. So it takes time but we are getting there for i do not have a need to change everything but knowing something is a start.

Bob Looter

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I can do anything in these parameters for they have Qubits i can do what will make you say wow,. I am seen when for they own me, it is weird when you do discoveries we see but to convince there is a better way , takes time i did not have.

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we are really there,,so many doubts and so many minds but we are there. This year will be a high way for Quantum worlds ..

Bob Looter

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New #Tutorial "How to set up Retopology in #Blender"

Hi everyone!

In this video tutorial I show you how to set up everything properly, to start retopologizing your dynamic topology sculptings in Blender.

Tutorial in English:

Tutorial in German:

Have fun! #b3d #3d #sculpting #retopology
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Founder of ever first Qubit's December 23 2004. Quantum computing will make IT- Better.
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    Consulting, 2002 - 2004
    Qt projecting, projects within clients Db's time flows.
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