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Bob Levine
Adobe InDesign Geek and Hockey Fanatic...not necessarily in that order.
Adobe InDesign Geek and Hockey Fanatic...not necessarily in that order.

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I'm officially rooting for only one more win this season and that's Tuesday night. We've got the best shot at a number one pick this team has had in 25 years. It must be maximized.

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This is a great blog but every now and then one of these really hits me a bit harder than usual. This is one of those cases.

Boucher claimed by Vancouver. Hope it works out for him.

Boucher back on waivers. Apparently claimed by other teams yesterday so they need to waive him to send him to Albany.

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Horrible what this guy is going through.

Remember that five game winning streak? Neither do I!

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Giving something new a try. 

Posted earlier on Facebook. Thought I'd share my thoughts here, too.

There's a lot of very upset Clinton supporters out there. I'm one of them but I'm also a realist and an American.

Trump may be a complete pig, but he's going to be the president come January 20. I have a few predictions for what I believe will and won't happen under a Trump presidency.

Immigration: There will be no mass deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants. It would take millions of immigration officials to do it. It's just not possible. Those few that are criminals will be deported and they won't be missed.

The wall: No way that thing is ever getting built, but stronger border control is possible. That said, even legal immigration between the US and Mexico shows more people heading south than north.

Muslim ban: Not happening and once he realizes how much these refugees are actually vetted he'll see that there's no way a terrorist is going to go through legal channels to get into the US. It takes two years now.

Factory jobs: Not coming back. Most of them weren't lost to other countries; they were lost to technology.

NAFTA/Iran deal: They stay in place (could be re-negotiated). A president cannot unilaterally tear up treaties.

Obamacare: It will be repealed but it will take two years to completely phase it out. There are lessons to be learned here because the only positive to come out of it was coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. It may be called the affordable care act but there nothing affordable about it. [this one's already happening]

Supreme Court: A conservative justice will be appointed but it won't be some right wing nut job. Rights are not going to be rolled back over night. It takes an actual case to work its way through the courts and that can take years before it gets to the Supreme Court.

Tax reform: It will happen and it will favor the rich.

Trump supporters are about to find out that he's actually closer to a Democrat than a Republican. He's far more centrist than many believe.

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Election night beverage. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

From the Twitterverse (Sherry Ross) Nice early birthday present for Nick Lappin, who makes his NHL debut tonight for #njdevils and turns 24 on Tuesday.
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