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Bob Lessinger
IT conundrum solver and all-around-Möbius fanatic.
IT conundrum solver and all-around-Möbius fanatic.

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Modern #education  
Hangouts now supports any Google Apps customer account
We've heard from educators that multi-way video calling would be a useful tool for learning. It would help students connect with experts and with each other, and would help educators teach remotely and collaborate with their peers. So starting today, Hangouts video meetings support any Google Apps customer account (, including those without a Google+ profile. Google Apps customers can start or join a high-definition video meeting that connects 15 participants from their computer (and coming soon for mobile and tablet). Multi-way calling will also be available if you’re using Google Talk. 

To help you get started, we’ve put together 10 ways to use multi-way video calling in class: We can’t wait to see how you’ll use this new feature. 

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Is Your Governor a Climate Denier?

A new analysis by the Center for American Progress shows that out of America’s 29 Republican governors, half of them side with the anti-science, climate denier caucus.

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You saw it here first - Google Docs is getting Voice typing.
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I wish my university would consider doing this too.
IKEA rolls out 3.9MW of rooftop solar – largest in Australia

"Swedish furniture giant IKEA has announced it will install 3.9 MW of rooftop solar PV systems across all of its Australian east coast stores and warehouses, a project that will result in the nation’s largest commercial solar development so far."

"The project – which will see more than 16,000 panels installed across IKEA Australia’s five stores in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, as well as two merchandise pick-up locations – will have an annual output of 5,495 million kilowatt hours (MWh) of electricity; enough to power 778 family homes for a year."

Most residential solar systems are 2-5 KW so the IKEA plan is equivalent to around 1300 home solar projects.

IKEA in US has 39MW of solar capacity with solar fitted on 89% of its facilities.  Walmart has the largest commercial capacity with 89MW but has solar fitted to just 5% of its facilities.



#BeRadiant @Speed_the_Light neither rain, sleet, nor network outtage will stop us!@Walmart @Tampax @breakthroughYM @MNGirlsRock

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Not surprising actually. 

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