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Does anyone know of a good hosted CI server that works with monorepos? Need to support iOS, Android, Maven.

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Looking for an expert Java server engineer in San Francisco to help me with an exciting new consumer app. App Engine experience is a plus. Message me if interested!

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A neural net to allow you to reply to GMail messages with one click

You might get quite a lot of email.  Anything that can help deal with that more efficiently is a boon, and replying to email on mobile devices is especially challenging.  Several people on the Google Brain team, in close collaboration with the GMail team and other teams at Google, have developed a deep LSTM neural net model to suggest automatic replies to emails that you can send with a single click.

(For now, this will be rolled out to the Inbox app for Android and iOS later this week).

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"Our doors are open and will remain so until every addict who seeks help with their disease has treatment. You will always have a place to go as long as this police department stands."

That's the Police Chief of Gloucester, MA talking about their new drug program. They're calling it the Gloucester Initiative.

Here’s how Chief Len Campanello says it works:
"Gloucester will NOT charge any addict who comes to us for help.
We will fast track them in treatment and support their family. You will receive no judgment; just professionalism, respect and compassion."

The chief says "Addiction is a disease not a crime. We can’t arrest our way out of the epidemic.

The Gloucester Initiative has been in operation now for about a month.

And the Chief just posted this update on Facebook: "We have, as of midnight last night, taken in 55 persons with addiction.
All placed, all in treatment. We received great news today from our first intake...he is over 30 days clean and sober. We continue to encourage persons with addiction to come in and get help."

"The are no catches."

"We feel this program is the first day of the last recovery process a person with addiction will go through. We say this because we tell each of our program intakes that whatever they do after they walk into the police station, we will be there. Whether they are able to succeed or whether they relapse, we will be there. We will help again and again and again until they no longer want help."

"We know there will be setbacks for people."
"We don't care."
"Come back."
"You're still in recovery."

"We know some people will relapse."
"We will not judge you."
"Come back."
"You are still in recovery."

"Just as a cancer can go into remission only to appear later, we know addiction is hard to beat. 60 police officers, 40 Angels, and an entire community will have your back."

"You must do your part, but we will refuse to abandon you, forget you, or ignore you."

"You will receive the respect and dignity you deserve here, without judgment, without coercion, without charges."

"Your life has meaning."

"We are partnering with almost 30 treatment facilities who feel the same way."

"Not one person who has walked through our doors has been turned away."

Chief Len Campanello

To find out more about the program here’s a link:

“A reporter asked one of my officers last night:
‘Do you see a common thread in all addicts?’

Without hesitation, the officer responded:
‘Absolutely..they're all human beings.’


Why does Google Tone use sound instead of Bluetooth LE? Lack of supported devices perhaps?

I see "hot and recommended" political articles in my Google+ feed from people whom I don't follow. I tried disabling "occasional updates from people outside your circles" in my Google+ settings, but I still see them. Maybe I need to wait until my feed refreshes?

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Has anyone been through the powder coating class at TechShop? I want to powder coat the coin door to my arcade machine. :-)

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Here are photos from my trip to Cuba with +David Hobby, +James Duncan Davidson, et al., in 2013. I can't wait to go back!
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All I want for Christmas is a Nexus 6 (64GB White).
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