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Strongly suggest this campaign be supported to help prevent the destruction of the very fragile and beautiful world heritage Great Barrier Reef. This is environmental vandalism on a grand scale......

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RIP Gough, you were the man of the time. A great Australian.

Great! what a wonderful council we have in Colchester. Wake up this morning to realise a healthy tree on the 'nature' reserve following the creek behind our place has been determined to be a 'danger to the public' and was being diligently chopped down and removed. In the process risking damage to my fence. shed and garden.

All without even a by your leave call to discuss why this was considered necessary or if I had any say in the matter.

Looking at the stump left by this very efficient tree 'surgeon' crew it is obvious that the tree was completely healthy and offered no threat to public safety or indeed the property we reside in. The reserve along thee creek has a fair few trees along it so do they plan to also chop these down as well to 'remove the risk to public safety'?

Vandalism by any other name! 

Just to put some perspective on UK's so-called EU intransigence! Rather than confronting EU on Junckers etc, just ignore them, other countries do......

"The Netherlands ignores 25 pc of Brussels' recommendations. The Netherlands ignored 25 percent of the policy recommendations made by the EU in 2011 and 2012, according to research by the European parliament.

The Netherlands did follow through on one in four recommendations on tax and economic policy and partially completed a further 48 percent, the research, based on analyses by the IMF, OECD and European Commission, shows.

Member states have to submit their budget and reform plans to the European Commission which then suggests adjustments and other strategies.

For example, Brussels has for years urged the Netherlands to tackle the housing market and reduce the tax break on mortgages.
Governments have on average 'fully implemented' 18 percent of the recommendations.

Spain is the best in the class, having implemented 35% of recommendations made in 2011 and 2012.

France is worst, with less than 5 percent.
'Delaying reform inevitably undermines the aim, set by EU heads of state, of better coordinating economic policy across the EU,' the European parliament said in a statement".

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The real issue facing us......

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Vale Jack Brabham, one of the truly greats in F1. Three times world champ, won constructors championship with his own car and team and made major contributions to Australian car racing sport and drivers such as mark Webber. Respect!

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Everyone needs to read this.........

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Totally agree with this.......

Come the agequake, the 'young old' should earn their state pensio... - - shared from Taptu

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Fantastic, NASA continues to push the boundaries.......
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