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Bob Ketcham

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Congrats on reaching version 1.0 of Plex Media Server. If the quality remains as good as it has been for the years of beta, I'll be a happy user. #TheBestSoftware
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Amen +Kyle Verry​! 
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Bob Ketcham

Google TV Discussion  - 
From: <>
Date: Monday, August 17, 2015
Subject: Important Changes to the Amazon Video App on Your Google TV Device


We're writing to let you know that the Amazon Video app will no longer be available on the Google TV platform after September 14, 2015, which includes streaming devices from Sony, LG, Vizio, Hisense, ASUS, Netgear, and Hausbell.

This means you won't be able to stream movies and TV shows directly from the Amazon Video app on your Google TV platform device. As we continually seek to improve our service, this occasionally means we can no longer support certain devices or features.

You can continue to stream Amazon Video on hundreds of other devices, including newer Smart TV and Blu-ray models, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Roku, game consoles, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and your computer's web browser.

You can learn more about compatible devices and register a new device at:


Customer Service
HD playback is not available on all devices. For example, some Roku and TiVo devices don't support HD content. The Kindle Fire HD is HD compatible, along with Windows computers that meet the content protection (HDCP) requirements. Please check your device owner's manual for more information ...
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I didn't get very far with a chat, but I did get a $20 discount on a Fire TV stick ($20 credit applied to my Amazon account): 

You are now connected to Amazon from

Me: Hello, I received an e-mail regarding my Google TV device which I use to connect to Amazon Instant Video. It mentioned that the device will no longer be supported after September 14th. I am very disappointed with this decision by Amazon.

Amazon: Hello Mark , My name is Mubassir. I will be glad to assist you today.

Me: Thanks. I would just like to submit to Amazon that I would greatly appreciate them if they changed their decision to stop support for Google TV devices and allow me to continue to use my Google TV device to connect to Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon: I can completely understand that you want to use our service without any sudden change in device compatibility but this is something that depends on the agreement between Amazon and manufacturer of the device. As a customer service representative, the best I can do for you, I can forward your comment to them so that they can have some insights on it.

Me: Well it seems like this is a decision by Amazon, device is currently compatible.

Amazon: I understand that its compatible but due to the agreements between manufacturer which runs for a pre-defined time. I am so sorry but I would not be able to provide further information on that. I hope you will understand my limitations. However, I will definitely forward your concern to the business team so that they can work on it.

Me: Thanks, if possible I would appreciate an e-mail reply detailing why, exactly, on September 15th that the Amazon instant video app will no longer work on my Google TV device. Is that possible?

Amazon: Sure, I will send an email.
You are most welcome.
I do appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Me: Sorry, but I still don't really understand. The Google TV is simply an Android device that runs android apps. If the app works now, why won't it work after September 15th. That's the answer I want.
I don't think it's a agreement between manufacturer since there are many manufacturers of Google TV devices.

Amazon: I'm so sorry, but we can't offer any
additional insight or action on this matter.

Me: Can you forward my questions onto someone who can? Please?
Or provide me with contact info for someone who can. Someone with the Amazon Instant Video team?

Amazon: I have taken your comments as a feedback and forwarded it to our business team and I am from Amazon instant videos team.

Me: Is it simply that Amazon is cutting off access to Google TVs so people purchase more Amazon Fire TV devices?

Amazon: And, I am sorry but it is only depends on the agreement between the manufacturer and Amazon instant videos.
Mark, its not like that, we are providing our services for hundreds of devices, if it would be the case, then we would be discontinued the service from all the third party devices. Each service comes with an agreement and in this case, there is an agreement, we have just not discontinued the service from Google TV but also from other devices manufactured in 2011 and 2012. However, for the betterment of the service, I will make an one time exception for you and provide you the Fire TV stick for $20.00 which is available at $39.00 on the website and you can use the Amazon Instant Video service on this device.
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Bob Ketcham

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Ain't It All Right, first recorded by NRBQ, 1972, Lead guitarist, Big Al Anderson.  Wow!

Bob Ketcham

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30 years ago today, many lives ended and many lives changed.  Mine changed.  I was already working on safety control systems for industrial power plants (at the Institute Plant featured in this video).  I went on to work (for a major part of the rest of my career) on new generations of safety control systems, methods of assessing the levels of safety protection required and provided by control system designs and safer design of control rooms and alarm systems.  In short, I became a true believer in many of the needs described in this video.

When you hear your legislators decrying safety and environmental(1) regulation as unneeded, think for a minute about this video.  Never accept an industrial accident as simply "an act of God".  The vast majority happen because either adequate safety protection was not provided or shortcuts were taken that removed protections.  With proper design and operation, the vast majority of accidents, injuries and death are preventable.

(1) In the United States the EPA, not OSHA, has the legal "teeth" to actually enforce process safety management regulations.

The CSB is a government investigative agency tasked with finding the causes of chemical industry accidents - much like the NTSB investigates transportation related accidents.  They have no enforcement power.
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The safety instrumented systems (SIS) have certainly changed over my career. But have you ever had to condense the concepts of ISA S84 and now IEC 61508/11 to a single page PowerPoint slide for a presentation to executives and company directors? It can be done but ain't easy. 
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I use Chromemote (a Chrome browser app) on my Mac notebook as one of my primary remote controls for my Google TVs.  I spend a fair amount of time on the Mac, so having it always open in a Chrome browser tab is pretty handy.

The new 64 bit version of Chrome (beta version 38 or later) breaks Chromemote.  For a while, I switched back to the stable version 37 release, but eventually automatic updating got me.  The good news is that I've worked through the (previously undocumented?) steps needed to fix it.  

When Chromemote breaks, it will either 1) stop communicating with the Google TV or 2) simply do nothing.  So, if Chromemote breaks, do the following...

1) Upgrade to Chromemote 2 if you are not already using it.  Upgrade to the latest version if you are already using it.  Install it from the web site.  A search for it in the Chrome App Store returns no matches.  It is in the store.  You can confirm that using a link from  I just can’t find it using the Chrome App Store’s search.
2) Use the App Store on your Google TV to install the AnyMote app on your Google TV.  Explanation: Since Google (in Chrome) has deprecated a plug-in that Chromemote 1 relied on, the NPAPI plug-in, Chromemote 2 has added an additional method of communications, AnyMote. 
3) Change the Chromemote 2 settings to use AnyMote instead of NPAPI.  Go to settings.  a) Enter the IP address of the Google TV that has AnyMote installed.  You might want to set your router or the Google TV to use a fixed IP address.  b) Uncheck the selection to use NPAPI.
4) If you’re using and relying on Chromemote, go make a donation to say thanks for the work necessary to keep it working.

I did all of these steps, but not necessarily in the order above.  If the steps don’t work for you, you may may have to repeat one or more.

I encountered a couple of bugs after making the changes.  1) the number keys stopped working.  2) attempts to download the GTV app list or channel list to Chromemote crash the Anymote app on the GTV.
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Thanks for the heads up!
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Bob Ketcham

Google TV Discussion  - 
Tablo TV now works with HTML5 browsers!  Has or can anyone try it out with Chrome on Google TV?  I'd get a Tablo TV if I didn't have to change out my entire Google TV infrastructure (yeah, I know that's coming someday soon, just not today).
Hey Tablo fans!

We've updated our web app with a new smooth as peanut butter HTML5 player. Read all about it on the Community: 
View original post
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Bob Ketcham

Google TV Discussion  - 
I installed the new version of Plex for Android on my Google TV and switched it over to the Mobile layout. Surprise! It looks good and it works (mostly) with the D-Pad! Hat Tip to Plex for not leaving GTV in the dust on this one.

Previously, the mobile layout was a nightmare on GTV. If you have a large number of collections, you couldn’t even navigate your way to the settings menu to switch back to the TV layout.

The only problem I’ve experienced is a few incidents of “find the cursor” / “disappearing cursor”.  But overall on GTV, it works better than the “material design” redesign Google did to the App Store.

I'm gonna stick with the mobile layout for a while and see how I like…

Here's the original post...
"Plex for Android has undergone some beautiful changes. Between adopting the Material Design philosophy in our mobile app and adding rich and sexy filtering and sorting to Android TV, your Plex experience just got better. Check the blog for details!"
Don’t stop me, I know what you’re thinking: How could the Android app possibly get any sexier than it already is? It’s like Ryan Gosling suddenly getting a Michelin star, or Brad Pitt being awarded a well-deserved Nobel Prize in foot massage. All completely unrealistic scenarios aside, we’ve been continuing to embrace Android’s gorgeous Material…
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Hi Bob, I want to know are you getting movie posters and fan art? I have noticed on my Plex  that I no longer get Posters or fan art.
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Bob Ketcham

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Looking forward to tomorrow... I'll be spending the day at Johnson Space Center to learn more about the Orion Manned Spacecraft as NASA readies to launch #Orion on its first test flight, Exploration Test Flight - 1, early Thursday morning. #NASASocial
For the first time ever, all 10 NASA field centers will participate in a multi-center NASA Social event Dec. 3, previewing the Dec. 4 first flight of the Orion Spacecraft on Exploration Flight Test-1. We are inviting social media users to apply for a credential to attend an event in-person at one of eight locations through the country.
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Hope you had a great day! 
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Bob Ketcham

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Bob Ketcham

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So, both Tablo and Simple.TV have Plex Channels for their streaming DVRs.  That would seemingly make them available for use on Google TV.

Anyone have any experience out there?  I've installed both Plex channels (without the DVR).  The Simple.TV channel seems to show up in all Plex clients, including the Google TV client.  The Tablo channel seems to show up in none.

On the surface, I think I would prefer the Tablo 4-Tuner device, but I sure would love to hear from someone with some experience, especially experience in using them on a Google TV.

#GoogleTV   #Plex   #SimpleTV   #Tablo   #TV  
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