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Bob Kelly
Game Designer by Day... Game Player at Night
Game Designer by Day... Game Player at Night


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I'm really excited about this drone.

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I am a Honey Badger.


Studing for PMP test this week.  :-P''

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52 projects out of hundreds if not thousands is hardly imperical data... in fact, it's very misleading.

Kicksnarker is supposed to be skeptical, but this is outright pessimistic.
The Ongoing Saga of Kickstarter Data Analysis

It isn't complete, but it does tell a sad story (that updates dynamically as things get later...).

86% of RPG Kickstarters were late when completed. 100% of Comics were late when completed.  I have more late (and when they're late, they're really late) RPG KSs than completed ones.

So yeah, I'm leaning more and more toward "just get it when its out" or "get it when it is in a Bundle of Holding".  I've already passed on several RPG projects with that line, and I honestly I should just stop altogether.

Still have more data analysis to do to depress myself, but there it is.

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Doom that Came to Atlantic City! Cryptozoic Delivers!

OK, I was one of those who lost $ in the Doom that Came to Atlantic City debacle... and it's been my ONLY Kickstarter out-right failure which I've backed.. 

But Cryptozoic stepped in and delivered this week!   My game got here and looks awesome!  Can't wait to play it.

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To The Table does an excellent high-quality review of Los Cthuluchadores!  "Definitely one of the most unique concepts" And apparently I'm recruiting kids to Cthulhu - never thought of that :)

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It's Kicksnarker time... now with Burrito...  OK... seeing this Sh*t pisses me off... I'm wondering how much Chipotle is going to pay him. 

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What every Cthuluchador eats... Green Tentacles in Spandex!

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OK, trending down - it's never sexy being in the exact middle of a campaign.  :(  

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