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Just a reminder for my Pacific Northwest Friends.... Tomorrow is #pacificnwfriday
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Yeah, I guess I didn't bother to explain it, did I? It's become pretty popular, so I forget that not everyone knows about it.
#pacificnwfriday is one of the numerous "theme days" here on G+. Every friday, we encourage folks to post images of the Pacific Northwest, and tag them with the #pacificnwfriday hashtag. So every Friday, you get a nice gallery of photos from the Pacific NW. Lots of folks participate, and everyone is welcome to join the fun!
now its much clear :) - i stay in tacoma - will try to get some shots and use the tag - thnx for sharing
Want to play along? It's simple. Upload a photo or photos from the Pacific NW, which we define as anywhere north of California, and west of Montana. Yes, it includes British Columbia and Alaska.
Tag your photo with #pacificnwfriday and that's it, you're in!
Hi Bob I'm really new to this. I tried to post a picture and got the group to link (I think!) but couldn't figure out how to link to you. What am I missing?
+Julia Bliss your post worked fine. The "linking" is totally manual, done by me throughout the day. Of course if folks search on #pacificnwfriday they'll see the images as soon as you tag them. I also re-share them under the +#PacificNWfriday page so they're easy for folks to find. Your image has been shared with the page, thank you!
thank you Bob! I'm still stumbling around on Google+, but I'm trying :)
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