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Bob Hannum
Immensely enjoy Pilates, Pats, my son, mysteries, poetry, and forgiveness.
Immensely enjoy Pilates, Pats, my son, mysteries, poetry, and forgiveness.

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What's better than free, organic, delicious and right outside your door?

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It's wild blueberry season - try this great wild blueberry and ginger juice recipe

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Delicious summer green bean juice recipe for a high protein post-workout energy and muscle recovery drink.

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Ever wonder why amino acids are so important? #juicingforhealth  

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I didn't know that this common vitamin can be harmful.

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Delicious banana juice recipe for a burst of energy without caffeine -

I'm looking for reviews! I've just publishing a new series of booklets entitled "Juice Away Illness" as a response to many readers' requests for more in-depth science-based info about the incredible healing power of fruits, veggies, herbs and spices. Each short but rich booklet focuses on a particular illness and what juice recipes are most effective. Each is thoroughly researched - depression, insomnia, diabetes, inflammation, vision, prostate, thyroid, cholesterol, fatigue, depression and hay fever. I'll send u a free copy of any booklet u wish in exchange for reading it and placing a review on Amazon. The review can be a few words or many paragraphs - whatever moves u. Simply email me directly at Your review will invaluably help get the word out. Many thanks!

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Just had another amazing massage by Lee Edelberg - he's an Esalen Massage therapist - deep yet relaxing. Been going weekly for back problems and he's been a god-send! My back has recovered much quicker than ever before. I've tried many massage people in the Northampton/Amherst area over the years and he is the most skilled and effective one I've experienced. Thanks Lee!

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Stop Insomnia With Kiwi

Juicing can fight insomnia just as well as prescription drugs and without all those harmful side effects according to exciting new research on kiwi and tart cherries. Add herbs to your insomnia-fighting juice recipe that have been used traditionally for sleep disorders for the most powerful - and all natural - sleep aid.

Drink this Insomnia Juice recipe 1 hour before bedtime.

20 Tart Cherries
1 stalk Celery
2 Kiwi
1 leaf Kale
1 TB crushed Flax Seeds
Add some Chamomile from a tea bag, or any one of these traditional herbs used to induce sleep: hops, lavender, passion flower, valerian, wild lettuce, California poppy, kava kava, St. John’s wort, or skullcap.

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here's why rockets fly...and here's a peaceful solution.
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