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Well friends here is a usage scenario for your consideration. I was invited onstage with Penn and Teller as a witness for one of their most unique acts, the "magic bullet". They saw me with Google Glass and Penn asked if it was recording. I told him it was not. He told me to turn it on and just to confirm with his partner that it was ok he asked Teller, who replied in the affirmative. The result is the video I have shared here.

I have quite a bit to learn regarding field of view during recording, but still this makes for a very interesting and enjoyable video.

So the use case to consider here, is one of documentation of live scenarios, including, when you have permission, acts of great entertainers like these.

By the way, both Penn and Teller tried on the Glasses for the first time after the show.
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incredible! I have seen this show 3 times and still cannot figure out how they do this one - can you after filming this?  We even went backstage at the last show and still couldn't figure it out...
Awesome!  It's really great when performers encourage people to record their performances.  It definitely helps out with the social media aspect, and free promotion is free promotion.  I will definitely try to catch their show next time I'm in Vegas.

BTW, I'm curious to hear what their thoughts about Glass are.
This is just too cool. Way to think on your feet and start recording! haha
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