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Schema "Action" Question

I'm studying a page (it's on a dev server, so I can't link to it) and it's using itemprop="action" within the code of every link -- about 70 of them. I looked up since I'd never encountered that before, and I'm thinking the developers of the page must have gotten this wrong, so I've got a bunch of questions:

Is this the proper use of the code?

Even if Action can be used as an itemprop of WebPage, isn't Action an itemtype, with itemprops of its own, and wouldn't that need to be reflected in the code for each link?

If this is even partially correct, what's the potential benefit of having it in place? Who or what is helped by defining a link as the "action" of a page?

If a link can be considered the action of a page, can multiple links serve as the many and various actions of that page?

Is it possible that this has nothing to do with (and isn't intended to), and assigning an itemprop to a link is related to something in the CMS?

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We've chosen our first scholarship recipient, and we're going to do this again in a few months.

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We've just announced our scholarship program today. If you know any students who are thinking about a career in the games industry (and it doesn't even have to be someone who's studying game development), please help us spread the word about this. If it goes well, I think we're going to offer the scholarship every semester.

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See? Gaming is good for you.

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The title attribute on this one reminds of the domain name in the movie "Fear Dot Com" -- it was

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2012 winners of the Draper Prize announced.

Anyone need a Spotify invitation?

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Monster's London office is looking for a Senior SEO Specialist
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