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New blog post "Easier querying of strings with RDF 1.1": . Please add any comments here.
When dealing with the difference between simple literals and those that were explicitly cast as xsd:string values, casting in one direction or the other with the str() and xsd:string() functions gave us a workaround, but once all the query engines catch up with RDF 1.1 we won't have to work ...
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Historically RDF text literals had a language (specified by xml:lang in striped syntax) whereas string literals did not.  What's happened there?
Hi John: that's also covered in section 3.3. Nothing new there that I can understand. 
Hi Dimitar,

There are no ontologies for these examples. It's just a namespace name, which is why I included /ns/ in the URI.

If I was going to create a data model to drive an application, I would store it at the URI, but for the little examples I created the triples used in the examples were self-sufficient. 

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