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Tech enthusiast, life learner, knowledge seeker

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The speech recognition add-on for Google Docs seems to be pretty accurate and could be a great tool for students who struggle with typing. 

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Here is a folder with a few examples of the mobile forms. Please feel free to use these but PLEASE make a copy. All users have edit rights to this folder. 

Anybody else hearing about issues with WeVideo not connected to Google Drive when you first open it from within Drive? Had several students not able to connect but instead they had a file download. Trying to figure out if this is our network or something outside our control.

Help needed: I have a teacher who wanted students to share their presentations with the entire class (view only). Our idea was to have the students post their files as an announcement in the stream. When we did this, the other students could see the post but not the file. When we checked the sharing properties, it said it was shared with the class group. Any ideas what we did wrong or is this a bug in the program? Thanks.

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As anyone seen the issue shown in this picture? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had a teacher create an assignment where she had a pdf for view only, drive file with each student getting their own copy, and a link to a website to use for the assignment all in one assignment. She reported that 7 students were not able to see the view only document and link once they clicked on the drive file. Anybody experience anything like this? 

I would be curious to know if the rollout will be done by Friday. I keep telling people to be patient but they are ready to start using it now.

In our Admin panel, we allow the user to configure their homepage in Chrome. For some reason, some users still have this optioned grayed out and some do not. Has anyone had this same issue or know a solution? Thanks.

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