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Open Letter To +Danny Sullivan On The Subject Of Boring Tech News

Please stop hogging the top news spot on Techmeme with your uninteresting story that most of us don't care about. I mean, even for Google+ tech news, of which tech news is already saturated, this whole theoretically "massive" story of Google's mismanagement of G+ business profiles is one big snoozer and eye roller combined for the 99.9% of us not involved.

You're not the only culprit, but for better or for worse, you've become the spokesperson for the complainers on this issue. So far, watching this unfold has been like watching children whine when mommy does something they consider unfair but that is ultimately harmless in the long run. Please go back to fueling Techmeme with interesting tech news and take your personal frustrations offline with Google directly.

If Google marginally screws something up with a small subset of the businesses it serves, I'm guessing the general response from the non- tech elite is going to be "meh." Now, if Google were to screw something up for the real users of Google+ (i.e., the 99.9%), then we'd have a problem worthy of such attention!


Bob Caswell

CC: +Gabe Rivera
This story, by Danny Sullivan / Google+, appeared on Techmeme.
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Agreed...a burning non-issue...perhaps these people need to be reminded that they are asserting their right to prominence and pride of place in a closed invitation only beta service!! Isn't that vaguely absurd and juvenile?
+Ceri Shaw Right. By discussing this topic so passionately, I hope the tech news blogs would expect some annoyance coming from their readership. They're cashing in some of their credibility in exchange for the right to whine so loudly about something so trivial. I mean, were they hoping that we'd rally behind them on this non-issue?
I felt compelled to expand upon this in response to a ridiculous post by Lisa Barone at Business Insider:-

Google Plays Favorites, Pisses Everyone Off. Again.

"Piece of puerile trash masquerading as tech journalism. Couldn't resist commenting on this article thusly:-

'And all because you don't have the patience and maturity to wait a few weeks for your brand page. Do you realize what a sickening impression your article creates? Firstly you are incapable of developing your argument without recourse to expletives and secondly you are insisting on your 'right' to prominence and pride of place in a closed invitation only beta service! Isn't this rather absurd and juvenile? The only 'shitstorm', here is in your diapers. Please grow up.'

With reporting of this caliber how soon do these people think we want them on G+ anyway?"

Do we really need tech journalism to descend to the depths of Fox News, The Sun, News of The World? I think not...and if they insist on following that road there are only two circles for them...... A ( Annoyances ) or B ( Blocked )
+Ceri Shaw Good article, that's the type of reporting we've been missing on this!
Agreed.... the precise nature and function of Business profiles on G+ IS a big problem with the tech blogs coverage so far ( apart form one or two honorable exceptions ) is precisely that they have belittled it. Sensationalist mud-slinging should have no place in this discussion. One question occurs to me though....why in your excellent post linked above are you so dismissive of the Facebook 'Pages' setup? I think that if FB has a problem ( which it most assuredly does ) it is with games and apps. 'Pages' do not seem to be all that intrusive to me.
+Ceri Shaw FB Pages are a strange hybrid solution that ultimately I don't believe were necessary.
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