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Larry Cuban reposted a Rick Hess essay yesterday. Hess is explaining how policy works and explained the development of "fair" policy thus:

"Going back to the Enlightenment, the whole logic of democratic law-making was to stop laws from being applied selectively, so that kings couldn't create different rules for you and for me. Because rules are being applied across the board, for good actors and bad actors alike, they can't be based on trust or good intentions."

In contradiction to Hess' statements, I believe history provides ample proof that the current state of affairs provides systematic advantage to a class of people. Why? Because people adapt to take advantage of the system.

Prior to the last successful middle class revolutions, rules were bifurcated using a rule system that identified privileged classes as "noble". They way you qualified was to live off your income for two generations.

For a period, the wealthy were confused as to how to take advantage of the less wealthy. The Romans taught us that elections can be bought. That wasn't a problem. The problem was economic leverage.

Progressive tax rules effectively create half the solution, giving the wealthy an advantage that can be taken away or ratcheted up. The second half of the solution was the corporation.

The invention of the corporation provided a second solution. To begin with, corporations were granted by government and more or less created a noble class of merchants who needed to use combinatorial economic strategies to prosper. But finally in New York (?) the state decided to grant corporations to all qualifying comers.

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" the wealthy were confused as to how to take advantage of the less wealthy."  Love class warfare, don't you?   LOL  These days, everyone is worry about the other instead of working together.  What has "changed"?  Oh...yeah... divisiveness and progressiveness working hand in hand.  Smart and great future coming up soon to a Country near you.  If you like the European economy, you can save you money by staying here in the good old USA, we are heading that way.  LOL
The single biggest problem with conservative scholarship is that it picks and chooses its historic narrative.
+Bob Calder 
Intellectualism and intelligence is great.  However, when totally devoid of common sense and  reality, it becomes a total failure.   
+Jacques Dupuis That's so true. Particularly when dealing with think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute which is intellectual prostitution though Hess is the least influenced by it among his colleagues. Conservative education reform is not devoid of common sense. It deliberately attempts to push public interest to the side in favor of profit.
+Bob Calder 
"Public interest versus profit"  is a deliberate venture, eh?  Sorry to hear that there is so many freaking poor liberals/progressives in this Country.  Perhaps, I have the wrong picture... I don't remember mentioning either side of the politic.  I do remember mentioning Intellectualism and intelligence been great and saying that it is a failure when combine with a total lack of common sense.  Did you see anything political in that Bob?  Or is venom the name of the game is this great educated USA?   
+Jacques Dupuis it is a history in and of itself. In some ways it begins with William Bennett, the former commissioner of education under Reagan. Speaking candidly with the director of the FCC, he told the man that he did not want public schools to get the Internet. (Yes Bennett the talk show guy is that much  of an asshole.) Further, he said that public schools should be replaced. His child was the home school movement which was religiously motivated at the time by people that fear the government school system. But at that time Reagan commissioned OMG FAILING SCHOOLS report. (my name for it). After much idiotic nonsense in the intervening years, we are left with a private sector school system nearly dominated by people such as Goldman Sachs. Yes they're in the education for profit industry. The biggest curriculum provider and online education company is owned by the Millikin family trust . Yes Michael Millikin. The enabling legislation was passed virtually untouched and it was written by folks at the trade association for charter school operators. Yes that's what Jeb allowed as our governor. I like him personally but I think he's totally off base on education. 

So to get back to the reason for the post. We have a system of regulation that is designed to allow owners of charter schools to engage in sale leasebacks and extractive management contracts, meanwhile being allowed to push problem kids out of their schools. Problem kids and special ed kids both cause overhead to skyrocket in any school. Nobles - ie corporate interests are given special treatment. Hess is wrong. I am right. But he knows what I think.
+Bob Calder 
On that point I am with you.  William Bennett, intelligent man but a buffoon nevertheless.  They also had to deal with what they inherited.  That department should never have been invented anyway, it only dilutes the money for education... like the more money transferred from hands to hands and then you have less for the real issue, which should be in the interest of Education, not the bureaucracy with all its corridors with close doors machinations.
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