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Update: see my comment in the message thread bellow. I think I managed to get the problem fixed.

Is the doze mode working on your Project Fi enabled Nexus phone?  I can't absolutely say for sure, but it seems like ever since I switched to using the Project Fi SIM in my Nexus 6, I have not seen the phone enter a doze mode. If I leave it sitting unplugged over night, the battery drains way more than the 2% -  3% I saw previously with a different provider SIM. If I go into the battery optimization screen in the settings, it shows that the Project Fi app is 'not optimized'.  The other two not optimized are DMService and Google Play Services.   All other apps on the phone show "Optimizing battery use".  
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Yeah, all's good.
Nope, seeing the same problem.

I'm somewhat curious about the public WiFi component of the Project Fi connectivity.   I've been running with a Fi SIM card in my Nexus 6 for the past couple of weeks, and over all, it's been working satisfactorily.  My phone automatically switches between T-Mobile and Sprint networks as I move about the town, but one thing I have not seen yet is the phone automatically connect to any of these mythical WiFi spots that supposedly add to the Fi connectivity.  Now, I've been using plenty of authenticated & encrypted WiFi connections like at home and at the office, but I have yet to see a single instance where the phone automatically connects to some public WiFi spot and establishes a VPN connection to the Google servers as was described when I first read about the Fi service.  Does anyone know of any public establishments in the Dallas, TX area where my phone should automatically connect to their public WiFi?  I'd love to test out this functionality.

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I finally had a chance to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto yesterday. It's definitely an awesome place to visit for any ice hockey fan!
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Some pics from this year's Burn Benefit in Jefferson.

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+Queensrÿche​ your new album is phenomenal, but Pledge Music sucks. I did not get what I ordered. I pledged $25 to get the autographed CD and this is what I received.

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So last night I got the LMY48G build of Android 5.1.1 on my WiFi Nexus 7 2013, and now my WiFi connectivity is absolutely terrible.  It is not signal strength related, as I have 3 2.4GHz access points with the same SSID in my house, but the tablet will simply not stay connected.  It sometimes works for a few minutes, but then disconnects randomly and fails to reconnect.  There is also a single 5GHz access point, but it doesn't seem to stay connected to that one either.  Everything was working fine prior to this latest update.  I'm not sure what to do at this point, but it's all very frustrating.

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This is a pretty great article about how good design has become a top priority at Google.  The other day, I was having a conversation with someone who works at an Apple store (and thus drinks the cool aid on daily basis), and one of the arguments I heard was that Apple products are easier to use. My response was, of course, a complete disagreement, and I suggested that while this might possibly have been the case 4 years ago, it is no longer so.  I think this article makes a good argument in support of position.

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I hope this campaign can achieve at least some success.

My 360 is suddenly completely bricked by Google. Both gapps and google play services keep crashing so often that it's not even possible to force a system reset from the settings menu. Any suggestions on of there is an alternate way to wipe the watch with some key presses or something? This is really frustrating!
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