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Bo Jensen
Works at Sulum Optimization
Attended Southern University of Denmark
Lives in Strib, Denmark
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Richard Stallman's car ?
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Stallman would never so carelessly display a machine-readable unique ID.
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Bo Jensen

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2nd UK Workshop on Optimisation in Space Engineering

19-20 March 2014, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.

Supported and endorsed by ESA, organised by the Turing Gateway to Mathematics (TGM), the University of Birmingham, Astrium Satellites UK, the University of Strathclyde, and yours truly.
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Bo Jensen

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This is a flower pot

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the differences and peculiarities between programming languages
Found on
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Bo Jensen

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We opened the abstract submission (1800 chars only); deadline is April 30, 2014
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Bo Jensen

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I named my WiFi after my last boyfriend

Best tweet of the day so far..

"I named my WiFi after my last boyfriend because it's never fully connected with me. And also because I caught my neighbor using it."

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Bo Jensen

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New #vacancy! AIMMS is looking for a C++ developer to join our Netherlands-based team, interested? Get the details below:
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CEO and Co-Owner at Sulum Optimization
  • Sulum Optimization
    CEO, 2010 - present
    Developer of Optimization Software, 2003 - 2010
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Strib, Denmark
Contact Information
CEO at Sulum Optimization.
Who I am :
Foremost I am the typical family dad, but when I am working this is a listing of my info and interests.

Why I am here :
I am here for work related networking. Well what does that mean ? I am looking for smart people to exchange ideas and observations about my work area, but also abort what goes on in the tech world in general.

What type of content do I post :
I typically post Operations Research, Applied Math or tech related content. I do also post some "funny" stuff. I try to filter my content in circles after types of follower. If you don't have information in your "About" section, then it's hard for me to find a suited circle, so you will probably end up only receiving public posts.

Bio :

Developer of high performance optimization software. CEO and Co-Owner at Sulum Optimization.

Keywords :
Operations Research, Linear programming, Network Optimization, Mixed Integer programming, Optimization, High Performance software, Advanced Business Analytics.
C/C++, Boost, Linux.

Hey I did not understand a word of what you do :
In more general terms Operations Research is about using mathematical techniques to make better decisions, when decisions are many, complex and influence each other. Not sure that made it better..

Though a bit on the edge, this definition is if not completely true, then at least funny :

"Operations research is the art and science of obtaining bad answers to questions to which otherwise worse answers would be given."

Anyway you don't need to know about OR to follow me !

Do you like Operations Research (OR) :
I maintain a list of active G+ Operations Research / Management Science people at :

The original and still maintained post is :

Original post

Please let me know if you want to be added.

What I do off-work :
Currently I work a lot, so the time I got left is spend with my daughter and girlfriend. Before I became dad, I used to be pretty active in sports. Especially skiing has my interest, I spend several seasons working as a ski instructor primarily in France, I hope to pick it up again some time later, when time permits..

Bragging rights
Faster than light-speed, confirmed by CERN
  • Southern University of Denmark
    Logistic and optimization (finance), 1998 - 2003
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