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Turning tap water into healthier drinking water
Turning tap water into healthier drinking water


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Sweden’s Bluewater, world leader in premium residential and light commercial water purifying systems, has unveiled its flagship Pro water purifier in France. Featuring patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology and on-demand direct flow, the sophisticated Bluewater Pro is Bluewater’s highest capacity water purifier to date.
The Bluewater Pro offers professionals in the catering, restaurant, hotel, medical and other industries breakthrough performance in delivering on-demand water cleansed of over 99 percent of most known pollutants, including delivering the world’s highest clean water flow for a residential unit of up to 5.7 liters per minute or 300 liters of purified water per hour overall.
“We are immensely proud that Bluewater’s second generation reverse osmosis water purifiers harnessing our SuperiorOsmosis™ technology, use 82% less water than a traditional water purifier to flush out contaminants, which is great news for the environment where fresh water is in short supply,” said Niclas Wullt, Bluewater managing director.
Combining high performance in a sleek, compact, lightweight design, the Bluewater Pro is a highly flexible water purifying unit giving users more choice over where to install or position it. The Bluewater Pro features an intelligent lamp control system for enhanced user friendliness such as indicating an upcoming need to change filters, which last an average 4,400 hours depending on local water quality.
The powerful, super efficient Bluewater Pro is being showcased for the first time in France at the biannual ‘Carrefour des metiers de Bouche’ trade show, which caters to professional buyers from food production industry such as industrial bakeries and other producers who need steam and the hospitality industry for the provision of purified drinking water.

Over 20,000 catering and other professionals are expected to visit the show that runs to Wednesday ,October 22, where the Bluewater Pro as well Bluewater’s Spirit and Cleone models can be seen on the stand of French partner Niortaise des Eaux in the Galuchet Hall in the Parc des Expositions de Noron NIORT DEUX-SEVRES, France.  Professionals buyers from both the hospitality industry and the medical industry are also expected to show interest in Bluewater’s innovative technologies that are innovated with love in Sweden.

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As the #Ebola epidemic continues, a comprehensive and sustained international response is vital to stop the further spread of the virus – and to care for those already affected. Read the latest from WaterAid here:

What more can be done to tackle the crisis?

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Hey, Bluewater just produced its first newsletter,

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This giant humpback whale was photographed leaping out of the water off the coast of South Africa in an amazing display of strength. (Photo: Steven Benjamin)
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Sunset Reflections
This is not a usual image from me; a side of creativity I would like to develop.
Earlier I had posted a sunset at Tampa Bay; this was made at the same time.
Canon 5D2; 24-105@105; 1/125@f/4; ISO640 (it was getting dark!)

Friends, feel free to 'Share' this image with your friends and family on Facebook/Google+/other internet sites, but please remember this is a copyrighted photo and you may not use it for yourself or for your business, without prior written permission. Thank you! © Jay Gould, All Rights Reserved. Enjoy! :)

Prints available:

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#HygieneMatters - Supporting communities to access clean water and safe toilets is a vital step towards transforming lives – but without good hygiene practices, it can't guarantee a brighter future:

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring this vital topic in more depth. Do join us - we'd love to hear why #HygieneMatters  to you. 

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