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BLUE TEAM CARPET & AIR DUCT CLEANING of San Marcos,Ca What is Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a combination of ailments (a syndrome) associated with an individual’s place of work or residence. A 1984 World Health Organization report into the syndrome suggested up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may be linked to symptoms of SBS. Most of the sick building syndrome is related to poor indoor air quality. Sick building causes are frequently pinned down to flaws in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Other causes have been attributed to contaminants produced by outgassing of some types of building materials, volatile organic compounds (VOC), molds (see mold health issues), improper exhaust ventilation of ozone (byproduct of some office machinery), light industrial chemicals used within, or lack of adequate fresh-air intake/air filtration (see Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The term “sick building syndrome” (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building. The complaints may be localized in a particular room or zone, or may be widespread throughout the building. In contrast, the term “building related illness” (BRI) is used when symptoms of diagnosable illness are identified and can be attributed directly to airborne building contaminants. Indicators of SBS include: Building occupants complain of symptoms associated with acute discomfort, e.g., headache; eye, nose, or throat irritation; dry cough; dry or itchy skin; dizziness and nausea; difficulty in concentrating; fatigue; and sensitivity to odors. The cause of the symptoms is not known. Most of the complainants report relief soon after leaving the building. Indicators of BRI include: Building occupants complain of symptoms such as cough; chest tightness; fever, chills; and muscle aches The symptoms can be clinically defined and have clearly identifiable causes. Complainants may require prolonged recovery times after leaving the building. It is important to note that complaints may result from other causes. These may include an illness contracted outside the building, acute sensitivity (e.g., allergies), job related stress or dissatisfaction, and other psychosocial factors. Nevertheless, studies show that symptoms may be caused or exacerbated by indoor air quality problems. Call or Txt BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca at 858-566-3082 or online for your free Estimate.
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         4 Steps to a Fresh, Clean, Healthy Carpet And 7 Questions to Ask Any Cleaner
                                                     Before Inviting Them Into Your Home

 If you're thinking about having your carpets cleaned, BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca encourages you to follow these four steps:
STEP #1:  Make a commitment to yourself to get your carpets cleaned.  

The longer they remain dirty, the sooner they'll wear out.Plus the longer you have to breathe all the pollen, fungus and chemicals that hide in your carpet.

STEP #2:  List your objectives. 

Do you want only the dirt removed, something you could do with a rented shampooer, or do you want all the bacteria, fungus, chemicals and dust mites removed, which will require a hot water truck-mount cleaner, as we use.  Do you want to work with an honest, reputable company? or are you willing to risk working with the company that offers you the lowest price, knowing that the company might not be in business tomorrow.   

STEP #3:  Ask questions.  

The way you learn about a company is to ask specific questions and listen carefully to the answers. Here are seven tough questions to ask a carpet cleaner before inviting them into your home: 

1.  Would you clean a stainmaster carpet like any other carpet? If they answer yes, i would not recommend this company.
2.  Do you offer a money back guarantee? If so is it "Limited"?
3.  What will your equipment and cleaning solutions remove from my carpet?
4.  When you clean carpets, what ph state are my carpets in? if they can not answer this, i would not recommend this company.
   This is crucial to keeping the carpets from premature resoiling. Best ph for this is 6-7.
5.  What training and experience have you had in cleaning carpets? And will your method of cleaning satisfy my warranty?
6.  Are you certified by the IICRC and will you show me your certification certificates?
7.  Are your cleaning technicians certified by the IICRC and can I see their certifications?

STEP #4:  Once you're satisfied that you're working with an honest, competent professional, invite him into your home and ask for a specific quotation in writing . 
A written quotation gives you the assurance that you know exactly what your job will cost, no surprises. 

BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct cleaning of San Marcos,Ca
Call or Txt 858-566-3082 or visit us online at

By following these four steps, you'll gain all the information you need to make an informed, intelligent decision. If you want your carpeting to be completely and healthfully cleaned removing the bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollen's, and tobacco products then we invite you to call or txt us today!

We'll be happy to answer your questions provide you a cost estimate over the telephone or online or come into your home and give you a free written quotation without cost or obligation of any kind. To reach us, call or Txt 858-566-3082 or online at
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Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning with BLUE TEAM Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca
There are many benefits to having your air ducts cleaned.BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning has been providing quality truck mounted Air Duct Cleaning since 1990 we also service Carlsbad,Ca and all of San Diego County.
Indoor air pollution is now listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as the fourth greatest environmental threat to Americans. When your heating and cooling system is running, airborne contaminants are being drawn into your duct system. Over a period of time, these harmful contaminants will eventually build up inside your air ducts.

Indoor contaminants may include: dust mites, tobacco smoke, household mold, chemicals, airborne allergens, bacteria, animal dander and carbon monoxide. These contaminants are then circulated throughout your home or office and effect the health and comfort of you, your family, or your employees.

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned,by BLUE TEAM Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca can help eliminate these problems.

Air duct cleaning removes dirt and debris
Reduce Dusting
Source removal duct cleaning can help to reduce household dust by removing the dust where it travels most - through your air duct system.
Air duct cleaning can eliminate odors
Improve Indoor Air Quality
According to the EPA, indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Air duct cleaning by Advanced Air Care can remove airborne contaminates such as bacteria, fungus, mold spores, pet dander & pollen which may help to alleviate allergy & asthma symptoms.
Save Energy & Save Money
According to the EPA, a build up of only .042 inches of dirt on a heating coil can result in a decrease of efficiency of 21%. A clean air conveyance system may help to increase efficiency and therefore may help to reduce heating and cooling costs.
Extended Equipment Life
9 out of 10 system failures are caused by dirt and dust. One of the functions of the fan, located inside of your air handler, is to keep the heat exchanger cool. Accumulated dirt and debris can reduce the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) as much as 50%. This is the most common cause of cracks in heat exchangers. By having your system cleaned, you may prevent pre-mature breakdown & aging of your heating and cooling system. Call or Txt BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca at 858-566-3082 or online at
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BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca

A hallmark of a clean air duct system is a clean furnace. We recommend cleaning your furnace every year to two years, along with using a high quality filter like a "3M Filtrete Purple" and changing it at the proper intervals, or buying a lifetime warranty electrostatic filter from us that you wash monthly.

At BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca we can air wash your blower, your burners, your heat exchanger, and your A-coil if applicable. We utilize a very high power truck mounted 8" vacuum hose along with air whips operating at 200 pounds per square inch of air. Doing this along with your air duct cleaning ensures that the entire system is clean, and that one part of the system won't contaminate another part of the system. We always examine the furnace upon arrival to determine if you should have it cleaned, or if it can safely wait until next year. What we don't do is inspect or tune up your furnace. We simply remove all the dirt.

But wasn't my furnace cleaned by my furnace man when he was here?

Many times, consumers have a "plan" with their heating oil or gas company to "maintain" their furnace for a nominal monthly fee. These "plans" generally are just for a tune up and or inspection. There's usually little to no cleaning taking place. Many furnace companies that offer cleaning services generally clean the furnace with a shop vac and a wire brush. Our system can do a much more thorough job at getting the system clean, and many times quicker as well. BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning suggest you use your furnace man for "maintenance", and us for "cleaning". We can't wait to clean your air for you!!

Call or Txt BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca today at 858-566-3082 or online at to schedule a cleaning appointment!
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BLUE TEAM Dryer vent cleaning of San Marcos,Ca 

Do your clothes dry slowly or take more than 1 cycle to get dry? You may have a clogged or partially clogged dryer vent duct. This is dangerous. Dryer vent cleaning is important for both safety and economic reasons. Few people realize that dryer vent duct cleaning significantly reduces the risk of a dryer vent fire and improves the efficiency of the dryer, thereby lowering utility costs. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an estimated annual 15,500 fires, 10 deaths, 10 injuries, and cases of carbon monoxide poisoning associated with improper maintenance of dryer vents. The financial costs come to nearly $100,000,000 per year. In many cases, injuries and death can be prevented with proper dryer vent cleaning. 
Is not cleaning your dryer vent a risk you are willing to take? Call or Txt BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca today at 858-566-3082 or online at for your free estimate.

Why Dryer Vent Fires Occur

In today's homes, dryer vents tend to be vented longer distances, creating more places for lint to gather. Although dryers are equipped with lint traps, a significant amount of lint is not caught by the trap, and instead, builds up inside the dryer. In addition to creating a fire hazard, if your dryer vent duct is too long or has too many bends, it will cause your dryer to take much longer than necessary to dry loads, using more energy and electricity. Finally, inadequate clearance space between the dryer and the wall can cause the dryer to work inefficiently. Many people create problems by putting their dryer against the wall crushing the venting material in the process. The cumulative effect of reduced air flow and the resulting lint buildup prevent the dryer from drying at a normal rate and risk causing a fire. By removing this lint annually, you remove the #1 fire hazard in your home.

How BLUE TEAM Performs Dryer Vent Cleaning

BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning since 1990 performs 1000,s of dryer vent cleaning per year. We clean dryer vents using powerful compressed air tools supplying 200 pounds per square inch of air pressure. Our tools will blast through even the most compact debris, including layers of bird's nests.  In fact, if you have had problems with birds entering the dryer vent duct and creating nests inquire about a bird guard. Depending on the severity of the clog, the length of the dryer duct and the height of the outlet, the average cleaning lasts approximately 5 minutes to a half hour.

Call or Txt BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca at 858-566-3082  or online at today to schedule a cleaning appointment 
or receive a free estimate:
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Professional Upholstery Cleaning San Marcos,Ca
Upholstery is lovely when new, but after a time, grime, dust and sand get in, causing allergies and fabric deterioration. BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning provides professional upholstery cleaning services in San Marcos,Ca  and San Diego County uniquely suited to the fabric type, to ensure top quality results.

BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca ensures that you get the best upholstery cleaning.

At BLUE TEAM, we provide you with professional upholstery cleaning and the fastest response time
Specific cleaning techniques and solutions for each fabric type
We use only the latest in upholstery ECO-Friendly cleaning materials to insure customer satisfaction.
Removal of stains, grime, dust and grit from all types of upholstery
Less water used = shorter drying time!
Why do you have to have your upholstery cleaning done by professionals?
Sofa and chair upholstery, just like any other surface, tend to attract grime, dust, sand and dust mites. Replacing your couch upholstery is usually expensive, which is why many people in San Marcos,Ca and San Diego,Ca county turn to BLUE TEAM upholstery cleaning instead. Keep in mind that professional upholstery cleaning is required, as different fabrics require different treatments, just like carpets. Cleaning upholstery using different techniques such as steam or dry cleaning is exactly where BLUE TEAM comes in for clients in, San Marcos,Ca  and all over San Diego  County. Call or Txt BLUE TEAM CARPET & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca at 858-566-3082 or online at

Why choose BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning as the no 1. upholstery cleaning professionals?
BLUE TEAM uses our multi-Step Cleaning Process on wet washable Fabrics and we use Dry Cleaning Process for more delicate fabrics uses steam or dry upholstery couch cleaning to provide the best service our clients, adapting the cleaning methods and solutions used to the specific type of fabric, per requirement. BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning has a team of professional upholstery cleaners in San Marcos,Ca who can help protect your upholstery from wear and tear. We use only the best, latest technologies and safest upholstery cleaning products and employ the highest standard technicians so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that every time you use our service in San Marcos,Ca and San Diego County you will receive the highest quality services available. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to do what we say, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

We specialize in all types of upholstery, each of which require different treatments, as their durability and stain resistance varies.

Leather sofas
We use green and Eco friendly cleaning products.

Contact us today for advice on the best method on cleaning your upholstery call or Txt BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning at 858-566-3082 or online at
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Pet Accidents and Odors in Carpet in San Marcos,Ca

BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca knows accidents are an unavoidable reality of owning a pet. Even well-trained dogs, cats, ferrets, birds and other pets can have a bathroom accident inside your home. It can be difficult to determine which store-bought carpet cleaning chemicals to use, especially since some of them can potentially damage the fibers in your carpet. Depending on your carpet, chemicals may not be effective at all, leaving you with a mess on your hands. Too, industrial-strength chemicals can create a hazardous environment in your home, putting the well being of you and your family at risk.

Has your pet left behind an unpleasant splotch or stench on your home’s carpet? BLUE TEAM carpet cleaning experts have the ability remove pet stains and odors, and even prevent them from happening again! (See Professional Carpet Protection and Deodorizing below). We utilize a truck-mounted Multi-Step Cleaning process, designed to quickly restore your carpet’s cleanliness and freshness. Customer delight is our top priority. That’s why we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with all services performed by BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning technicians! What is our carpet cleaning secret? Here’s a tip! We use powerful Enzymes to break up the toughest odors than we use our powerful hot water extraction system to flushes suspended and embedded pet accident particles from your carpets, leaving your carpet cushy, clean, and odor-free.

Professional Pet Stain Removal

Pet urine and waste stains are some of the worst stains imaginable. Not only are they hard to remove, they can permanently damage your carpet. Pet stains can discolor your carpet by altering or damaging the dyes in its fibers. And, if the urine or waste residue soaks deep into the fibers of your carpet or even the padding below, the odor may become permanent! The smell will linger in your home, growing especially pungent on hot and humid days. Air fresheners will not mask the odor; everyone will smell it. Even the pet who created it will smell it – and he or she may interpret the stench as their territory to use the bathroom, causing future pet accident stains and odors! BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca can help remove these costly, unpleasant problems. If your pet has left a splotch or stain behind, contact BLUE TEAM  for professional carpet cleaning using our multi-Step Cleaning Process. We will cleanse your carpet from top to bottom, and even come back again if the first attempt wasn’t enough.

Our pet stain removal system features a potent pre-treatment that begins to dissolve the stain even before using our Multi-Step Cleaning process. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. Our priority is to restore your home to freshness and cleanliness in the shortest amount of time. Our highly-trained and courteous team will work tirelessly until the job is done right.

Professional Carpet Protection and Deodorizing

At BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca, we offer 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet Protection and DuPont Teflon™ Protection to your carpet. This protective carpet shield helps to prevent permanent carpet staining from future pet-related accidents. By facilitating the beading of liquids, these powerful shields give you more time to blot up spills and mess before it seeps in to the fibers of your carpet. BLUE TEAM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning also offers a variety of carpet deodorizers, including a pet-specific Enzyme specifically designed to contain pet odors. If you had or are having trouble house breaking your pet, these resources will surely come in handy for you!

BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning San Marcos,Ca How to Treat Pet Accidents

Immediately remove as much of the substance as possible without rubbing the carpet.
Blot up the spot with a damp cloth.
Don’t apply anything other than water to the spot. Using anything else may cause further damage to your carpet, making it harder for us to restore the area!
Call or Txt  the professional carpet cleaners at BLUE TEAM Carpet Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca or online at right away to restore your carpet and peace of mind!
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Air Duct Cleaning Service
If you decide that it is time to have your air ducts cleaned, you may wonder why you should use Blue Team Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca and Area. It is important to have air ducts cleaned properly, as a poor job could lead to more particles inside the home than there were in the first place! When Blue Team arrives, our technicians will inspect the heating/cooling system and determine the right course of action.

We will protect all flooring and furniture that may be affected by our cleaning process. After we have performed our duct cleaning service, we will ensure that the systems are properly working and that you are satisfied with our work. We will not leave until you are!

Blue Team Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
Blue Team Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of San Marcos,Ca has invested in high caliber TRUCK MOUNTED air duct cleaning equipment UNLIKE MOST OF OUR COMPETITORS  to ensure our job is done efficiently and to the highest degree possible. During the cleaning process, a HIGH PRESSURE whip is inserted through the air duct to loosing  particles along the pipe and then vacuum it out.

The strength and speed of the brush is a critical factor in releasing the particles, just as the power of the vacuum is important for removing the particles. The vacuum we use is truck mounted and is more POWERFUL THAN ANY PORTABLE MACHINE. Our cleaning equipment is safe for both metal and flexible ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning Controversy Explained
There is controversy about whether air duct cleaning will improve the health of people suffering from indoor allergies or respiratory ailments. The EPA states that air ducts are only one of many sources of pollutants and particles in the home. They also state that there is no proof that a light amount of dust and particles in a home or in air ducts poses a risk to any person's health. However, the EPA admits that knowledge of air duct cleaning is in its early stages. The EPA firmly states that air ducts should be cleaned if:

There is mold growth inside the air ducts or any other component of a heating/cooling system like air filters or thermostat
Ducts are infested with insects or rodents
Dirt and debris is heavily lining the ducts and actually leading to particles being released into the home from the duct/register
We believe in openly discussing the facts with our customers and working with them to decide if it is time to have their home or industrial air ducts cleaned. If it is determined that air duct cleaning is the way to go, blue Team Carpet & Air Duct cleaning of San Marcos,Ca can provide these services quickly and effectively, with as few interruptions to your household as possible.

Quality Indoor Air
Cleaning air ducts is an important decision and we want our customers to feel comfortable and make an educated decision. Blue Team Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning of Seatac,Wa is happy to take the time to discuss any and all aspects of the process with you and provide you with a free estimate. Call or Txt at 858-566-3082 or online at
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Blue Team Dryer Vent Cleaning San Marcos,CA  Tips for Homeowners

There are a few preventative measures homeowners can take to lengthen the benefits of your dryer vent cleaning. Here is a list of what you can do.
Post-Cleaning Maintenance

Regularly remove lint from your dryer vent's lint trap. 
Blue Team Dryer Vent Cleaning recommends that you do this after every load.
Make sure you dryer vent is up to code. 
If your vent pipe is made of flexible foil or plastic, you'll want to replace it with a safer, solid metal line instead.
Make sure the vent line isn't smashed or crinkled in any place as this will interfere with the airflow. 
Be especially watchful that your clothes dryer is not pushed back so far that it smashes or crinkles the vent.
Be sure to keep the area around the dyer free of flammable materials. 
Don't leave clothes on top of your dyer.
Blue Team Dryer vent cleaning of San Marcos,CA recommends that you do not leave the house when your dryer is in use.
Remember to schedule appointments to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned at least once a year. Call or Txt Blue Team Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning at 858-566-3082 or on line at
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