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Thank you Tucson!!

On July 31st, 2014, Blue Ridge Wireless will close its retail location after more than 16 years of providing quality wireless services to the greater Tucson community.

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Search warrants for cell phones?

The Supreme court seems to be at odds with the issue.  Personally we think a search warrant should only be required IF phone the phone is locked or the information is being used to determine if there is a crime or connection to a crime.  

If you've been arrested the phone should be searchable under the same guidelines for computers.

What do you think?

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Is anyone else amazed by the short shelf life of most #Android models?

We love that there are great updates always forthcoming but it's hard knowing that today's latest and greatest purchase won't be for long.

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Even if you use a screen lock there might times you'll want to let someone borrow your phone but still limit access to your apps, photos, etc.

Check out


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The Potential Danger With Lithium Ion Batteries

Most of the smart phones we use rely on Lithium Ion batteries. They do so for their efficiency, not their ‘safeness’. All things considered, under normal use they tend to be quite safe. BUT…. but there are a number of circumstances when catastrophic damage can occur.

#Batteries #LithiumIon

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OK.  Looks fun but is locking your phone by pressing the button difficult?

We love the Knock Code feature on the LG G2 series but personally find it easier to just perform the action we want rather than tap away.  


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Looking to save voice messages from your iPhone?

We get requests from people looking to save voice messages by loved ones that have passed or for legal proceedings (as was the case today).  We're happy to do the work for our clients but when there is a DIY solution, we'd rather provide the advice, then be here to help if there are issues.

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Updated #branding !

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Practical tech

We love #tech  toys but even more when it's more when 'cool' meets functional and fills a need, solves a problem or makes something simpler.

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Fun app for sure.  Especially if someone was controlling it while you were driving!
How badly do you want this iPhone App that controls your cars headlight color?
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