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Unexpected Timelines
Life is full of surprises, big and small. Sometimes they come in the form of a beautifully wrapped gift tied up in a bow, and other times they come in the form of an unexpected timeline. Every once in awhile, a couple is blessed with the rare treat of having their child witness the promise of commitment to one another.

Courtney + Clifton were lucky to have their darling little Kinley in attendance on this very special day. Little did Kinley realize as she watched Mommy and Daddy hold hands and exchange rings, but she is the strength and glue that binds their family. Her sweet coos, her father’s misty tears and her mother’s beaming smile are the most precious moments caught on film by the ever so talented Amanda and Chris Watson from Oklahoma.

When autumn’s first chill sets in, true love ignites and warms the hearts of lovers. Red leaves, orange skies and fiery sunsets are the prelude to a passionate marriage. Set at the gorgeous Grove Park Inn Resort in Asheville, North Carolina, Courtney + Clifton wed amongst the October foliage in front of their loving and supportive family.

To cater to the theme of the unexpected, the North Carolina weather toyed with the wedding as cold fronts came and went. Again, the couple were blessed as the weather settled on a perfectly sunny setting. The sun illuminated the bride in its golden glow and allowed everyone to bask in the heartfelt warmth of the ceremony.

The setting was rustic, the bride and groom were a vision of class, and Amanda Watson Photography wrote these images with autumn light in a way that takes our breath away! #weddingphotographers #thebestweddingphotographers #themosttalentedphotographersworldwide
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