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Join Right Voice For You Facilitators around the world for this special 1 time FREE world wide event- A Worldwide Evening Of Greatness. 

This evening will be hosted by Greater Than Yesterday creator Blossom Benedict and will feature a screening of this inspiring film as well as a Q&A with a panel of incredibly gifted Right Voice For You Facilitators from around the world. 

You may laugh. You may cry. And you just may discover something about the greatness you have within you as well. 

A note from Blossom:
"I made this film really because I wanted to live on a more joyful planet. One where people were truly alive and showing up in their lives. 

I know so many people who are playing it safe every day. Or playing a bit part in the film called their life. They life they really should be starring in! 

I spent a lot of my life truly hungering for the freedom to let people see me. The funny me. The imperfect me. The me that only my close friends, my bedroom walls or those accompanying my on a tipsy night out were privy to.

I had grown up striving for perfection, only to find out what I actually longed for was presence. 

If you have any sort of niggling within you that you are here to inspire and it is time to really show up… well, I hope this may be just the beginning of you unfolding to even more possibilities of you.”

This special screening will be followed by a Q&A with a full panel of Right Voice Facilitators. Bring your questions and your willingness to step into more.

What stories are you telling yourself?
Where are you getting in your own way? 
What definitions do you have of yourself?
And is it time to start starring in your own life?

Access Consciousness clearing is a fast and dynamic way to bring up the energy of your limitations and clear all the stuck energies around them so you can choose something different. 

These skilled facilitators on the panel have all trained with Gary Douglas and Blossom Benedict in Right Voice For You facilitation, and have unique gifts to get you out of your stories and into creating the life you truly desire.

There are dozens of locations around the world offering screenings. Join a POD, or watch from home. 

We look forward to celebrating you with you!

This will be a truly global event! 

Are you willing to be greater than you were yesterday? 

To find the time where you are, go here:

*There are also POD screenings in many cities, which means a group of people are gathering for this event to watch and ask questions together. You can find PODs for this evening at:

For questions and inspirations please contact:
Maruta Yallop
Skype: maruta4possibility

For more information about Blossom visit
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Some people think that Access is against relationship. Let me be clear. It’s not. 

It’s against bad relationships. And even then, “against" is the wrong word. 

But if the tools exist to create truly great relationships (and they do), then why would you settle for something less than thriving? 

When I put myself on a dating site 6 years ago, I was armed with 3 years of Access Consciousness tools. Even with all that, I felt like I was in wildly uncharted territory. I didn’t see anyone else doing it. At least not in a way that would work for me. 

What do I truly desire? How does a deal and deliver fit into a relationship? How do I not lose myself? What does it take to be clear about what works for me? What am I willing to give? Do I even desire a relationship? 

I was lucky enough to have the incredible Gary Douglas as sort of my dating coach. And even luckier I was tenacious enough to follow his advice. “I should do what!?” “Say what!?” “Ask HOW!?”

From single, to dating, to married (gulp), over the past five years there has been a great deal I have had to look at, wrestle with, put into play, fail at, and choose again. 

The Access Consciousness tools are incredible when it comes to creating truly anything you desire. They are truly beautiful in the peace, freedom and possibility they offer in the area of relationship (or no relationship, or many relationships, or anything else you choose).

I would love to share with you the tools I played with, the awareness I gleaned and the possibility truly available in having, or not having, someone in your life. 

If you are ready to look honestly and vulnerably and bravely at this topic, I think you will find that you can create whatever it is that you desire. 

Join me for a six part series Beyond the Fantasy- Creating a Delicious Relationship in a Whole New Way.

We will be exploring:
- Getting clear on what you truly desire
- Clearing your points of view about relationship, being single and marriage
- Deal & deliver (yes, your sweet relationship is a business deal)
- Elements of Intimacy (becoming the person of your dreams)
- Manipulation (may be reserved for an advanced series.)
- Elements of a Conscious Relationship (may be reserved for an advanced series. Man we’ve got a lot to talk about!).
- And whatever it is that you bring to the table you desire to have ease with

Is now the time to create a delicious relationship (or lack there of) in a totally different way?

What if this could be a topic of ease and possibility and joy? 

One in which the door was just open, and you were willing to receive?

To Register:

My invitation to you:

Some more relationship videos: 

A Different Kind of Wedding Vow

What Does Marriage Mean To You?

A Very Different Take on Trust

Deal & Deliver

More about Blossom:

Watch Blossom in action:
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Is it time to lose your mind? 

"A mind is a dangerous thing.  Waste it!"  Gary Douglas

Join Susanna & I, July 9th, for a 30 minute meltdown to mental ease :)
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Sacred Stories telesummit started yesterday, including 30+ speakers sharing their inspiring stories and tools for change. 

I'll be speaking on the 22nd about creativity.  It's free.  

I wonder what inspiration it may invite?
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Have you ever met someone and immediately wondered if they were the one?

I was googling my friend Dr Dain Heer the other day and couldn't help but notice one of the top related searches was "Dain Heer Married"

It threw me back to my first Access Consciousness facilitator, the gift he was in my life, and my immediate desire to throw that into the box of "he's the one."

It actually wasn't him I desired. It was what he knew. It was how he functioned in the world.

I wanted to know if I could have that kind of magic in my life. I wanted to see myself and others without judgment.

If you've ever wondered if Dain Heer (or anyone else) is married... you might want to check out this blog and perhaps ask a few more questions.

What contribution can this beautiful being be to your life?

#AccessConsciousness #DainHeer #DrDainHeer #isdainheermarried #allofyou
Is Dain Heer Married?
Is Dain Heer Married?
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Who doesn't want a little more ease with their body around the holidays?  Let's play!
Embodiment hasn’t always been the easiest topic for me. I’ve done a lot of fighting with this body in this lifetime. Lots of illness. Lots of dis-ease. I’d like to pass on some of the treasures I was gifted along the way. And it occurred to me this morning…

Why wait until after we have mildly abused our bodies over the holidays to start the kindness and gratitude? What if you could be kind to your body throughout the holidays as well? What if we approached our bodies not from “what is wrong?” but rather from “what else is possible?"

So I’d like to offer a you my own holiday gift… a little holiday booster shot if you will: An hour packed with tips and tools and clearings for keeping your body happy throughout this not always so ease filled season.

What: Happy Holidays Body- Clearings & Tools For A Season of Body Ease
WHERE: Google Hangout
WHEN: Friday, Nov 21st at 2pm Pacific
WHY: Because we can!
COST: Your time
BRING: You, your body & your questions
CONTACT: Meredith Locher via FB or at with questions.

I hope you will join me!

How much ease and joy can we create with our bodies as we march into the holidays?
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Could you use a little more ease with the creation of money?  Do you have some points of view that may be making your questions less effective?

I had a "goog thing I'm cute cause i'm not always bright" moment the other day.  I realized for those of you wishing to join my in New York for Foundation/ Level 1 (or any other class) you may need these tools BEFORE the class to help get you there!  So Christmas is coming early! Let the ease begin!

Join me Sept 2nd at 5pm Pacific for a free google hangout for some tools and clearings to create!
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Most days I am pretty happy with who I choose to be. 

A few days ago, when I was denied boarding on a plane... yikes! We need some pretty NC17 words to describe the full flavor of my reaction.

So here is my painfully honest confession:

Do you ever turn into a monster?
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Do you know you could be showing up even more dynamically in the world?

Join Blossom Benedict & Lisen Bengtsson and friends for some dynamic tools and Access Consciousness clearings to get out of of hiding and into creation and the willingness to share your voice with the world.

Bring your questions! 

This hangout will be in English.
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Do you know you could be showing up even more dynamically in the world?

Join Blossom Benedict & Kalpana Raghuraman for some dynamic tools and Access Consciousness clearings to get out of of hiding and into creation and the willingness to share your voice with the world.

Bring your questions! 

This hangout will be in both English and Dutch!
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