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Providing Financial Peace of Mind


Yesterday was out 4 year anniversary for Bloomfield Financial Limited being open! Well done John for growing the business and putting up with your wife working with you for the past year and a bit! Dee

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Inflation at 2.9% according to the lunchtime news today.....why does it matter to you ? Here's one from the archive

Hello...long time no speak! Dee here its all change at Bloomfield Financial HQ our little boy has started school which means that I now work Monday through to Thursday every week! Thats going to take some getting used to! xx

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£1,000 held in a typical instant access savings account in July 2007 would be worth just £878 in today's money!

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Found this website, tells you what is happening in your post code Its really interesting!What does yours say? Dee x

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Another older blog post explaining inflation in a slightly more investment related context

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A lot of talk lately about inflation, here is an article I wrote a little while ago explaining it some degree

The Boss is at an appointment so I get to play the music I want. I am loving Ed Sheeran and Divide!

I (John) am switching mobile networks today - as my number ports voicemails and texts might get lost best to call 01914066453 if you need me

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When I was 16 years old my Grandad died suddenly, it was devastating for me and it took quite a long time to get over the shock. Eventually though you start to accept these things as he was old. However as I got older I realised he was only 66! To a 16 year old that was old now as a 37 year old I realise when I’m 66 I won't even be old enough to claim my state pension.

Perspective is a powerful thing it frames how we see the world.
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