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We are launching a first time buyer guide and wonder what you think we should include....give us your burning questions and helpful insights!
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I'm really not in to preaching but I thought this was worth mentioning....if you think it makes sense give it a share....Have a good weekend...John

In the last few days I've seen the below pasted 'Husband Test' on social media - I've also seen it as wife, mum, sister, brother even toddler.

Look at the questions and ask yourself if someone wanted to gather data on you or your family to hack their passwords or to get through their telephone banking security you think the below would be a really helpful part of the Jigsaw?

Questions 2+3 get a scammer your 'Husbands' or other relatives date of birth on their own, then question 4 takes you on to gathering info on parents. The rest some of them pretty common 'secret questions' for online and telephone accounts.....I'm sure you can probably see my point.

Husband test 😂😂😂

No coaching them, just ask and write the response down:

•What is your name?
•How old are you?
•When is your Birthday?
•How old is Mummy?
•What is your favourite colour?
•What is your favourite food?
•Who is your best friend?
•What is your favourite song?
•What is you favourite animal?
•What are you scared of?
•What makes you happy?
•Where is your favourite place to go?
•What do you want to be when you grow up?
•What does love mean?
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Good Morning everyone...its a horrible day! I want to listen to some really good music...hit me with your ideas!
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Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you on Monday morning. Dee x
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Dee here! In for a full day at work today and background music is a must. Currently listening to Carrie Underwood. Love her new album Cry Pretty. Anybody else out there who likes a bit of country?
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Hi, Dee here I am back from 9 months off and a newly qualified mortgage adviser! Just dropped our little girl off at nursery for the first time and I hope she has a great morning!
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I'd just like to congratulate Dee, who despite being on Adoption Leave has today passed her final exam to become a qualified mortgage adviser! #congratulations - John
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In case you haven't heard we've outgrown our home office we are now at - Evolve. Cygnet Way, Houghton le Spring DH4 5QY - all numbers etc. stay the same.
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It will be interesting to see if this pans out the way he predicts.
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Did you know that the bank of mam and dad is the 9th biggest lender? Scary! I better start saving. Have a great day. Dee xx
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