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Lance Armstrong is the richest cheater to be stripped of a championship or Olympic medal for using performance-enhancing drugs, making more than $218 million in a career he later told Oprah Winfrey was “one big lie.” |

(Photo: Gabriel Bouys/AFP via Getty Images)
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He should be striped of his fortune and thrown in jail for what amounts to theft. The second place winners should receive his collective purse.
+Robert Koster your love or desire for money makes you do things whether you actually acquire the money or not.  And it is not the amount, it is the desire for more and more.  Otherwise known as greed, whether money, fame, etc. 
Oh, Lance, you fine example of American manhood!
May your rotted beyond recognition remains someday be found in a drainage ditch.
+Robert Koster - That's not my intent.  But I believe he's earned himself an ignominious - as opposed to glorious - end.  The manner and cause of his death is up to him. But I don't want any flags at half staff or, really, any news reader even reporting his demise.  The prospect of being one of the forgotten would be sufficiently painful for such a narcissist.
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