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Shifting from a conventional laptop to a touch-screen tablet, the Taichi 21 is the newest PC to take Windows 8 and run with it. |

(Photo: Asus)
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$1300? Way too expensive. All your doing is carrying around a keyboard for your tablet..........

$1300+ i think but I wouldnt ever buy one.
+Tim Beilfuss : So your comment does not relate to the comparative expense of the devices in this cost bracket but just that you choose (as do I) not to spend that much on these types of devices ?

I think a Ferrari is "too expensive" as a car but if I had the spare cash to buy one then it might happen.  I just choose not to spend Ferrari money when Honda money gets me a good car.
i dont see why anyone would pay 1300 for a laptop these days. 
If you add together the cost of a new laptop and the cost of a new tablet, it's not that expensive relatively speaking.
I think google is dreaming pricing the pixel chromebook at $1300
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