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House Speaker John Boehner said the U.S. House won’t act to replace automatic federal spending cuts until the Senate “gets off their ass” and passes a plan. |

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Good man!  They passed it twice and the senate has done nothing.  Now the senate wants to raise more revenue.  Just take a 2% hit and be done with it.  The sky won't fall just cause you can't direct the cuts as gracefully as you would like.  Will it hurt?  Yeah.  But someone has to act like an adult.
I feel like both parties knew they would never compromise, and decided its easier to allow the cuts to be automatic so they can all wipe their hands clean of any responsibility and pretend the other side is to blame while sucking each other off behind the curtain.
These cuts really do need to happen. Making a budget hurts short term, benefits long term.
The cuts won't make a budget. They are all to blame for not doing their job, it's not only one party that has failed.
Every 80 years or so, it seems that, society needs to shoot itself in the knee (legislatively forced austerity in response to a populist debt phobia) to remind itself how much it hurts, how long it takes to recover and what a very bad idea it is.  We did it to ourselves in the '30s, and we may be about to do it again.  It ended badly in Germany after WWI and is likely to end badly in Greece soon.
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+Douglas Simpson Wow.  So now the reason the great depression lasted so long is that we didn't spend enough?  You guys really are insatiable...  And comparing a 2% cut to the austerity attempted in Greece is disingenuous.  
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