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Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer orders an end to the company's popular work-from-home policy, a move that may jeopardize the tech company's ability to lure top talent. |

(Photo: Tony Avelar/Bloomberg)
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I hate the thought of Marissa Mayer ever referring to herself as a "working mom."  Wonder how many nannies and maids she has?  So she can look down on the little people and see no reason to allow telework.
Sounds like a Google policy. Let's be honest, most people don't "work" from home; they play. Now, they can play at work. Maybe even do some work. We all know Yahoo! needs some work.
+Barney Doan It's not true that people don't "work" from home. There are many studies that show most people spend more hours actually working when they are home then they do when in an office. The reason? You don't get interrupted by the "prairie dogging", water cooler convos, etc. If a manager knows how to manage by objective working from home can be more productive than from an office.
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