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Speaker John Boehner dismisses idea of raising the minimum wage when jobs are scarce. |
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Obama is a great actor,theres no award like oscar can suit him,its a hell suits him,huh world ?
That's ok, because you make more money taking unemployment than you do taking a min wage job and no benefits. Stay home and watch Netflix.
+Jason Honingford You make a good point, and when is the govt going to provide me with lifeline Netflix service?  Yeah, ObamaFlix and all the Tito's I can drink.  What say you, +Ken Carlos ?
+Jason Honingford +Brent Alexander Ken Carlos say that unless and until we have movie and Tito fairness, then we can never be truly free.  I prefer not to have ObamaFlix, however.   All they would show is him giving one of his mental masturbatory oratories that sound like he is reading Hallmark Cards half in the bag on Cuervo.
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