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Google debuted a touchscreen version of the Chromebook laptop, stepping up its challenge to Microsoft and Apple in computer hardware. Would you buy it? |

(Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)
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is it easy to clean with greasy fingers?
What will happen to android tablets?
wait.. I didn't do that right.
OVERPRICED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (better).
too muck $$$ i love google but come on man!!!
Possibly - great concept and certainly the larger screen is appreciated by those of us w/ aging eyesight.  Awfully pricey, though.  I'd want to read reviews and talk to an early adopter first.
Too pricey in terms of what?  You're comparing it to chromebooks that are not touch screen capable and with much less resolution.  I don't think it's too much at all. 

I probably won't be buying one any time soon because I'm content with my Mac Book Pro but it's a great deal none the less.
You can run real programs and not just apps on your Mac Book though +Jonathan Jorge. You have a lot more flexibility in my opinion.
I use all my major programs like Audio production/Video Production on my PC work station.  I use my MBP for one thing and one thing only.  It cost over 3500.00.  I'd say I'm not really getting the most out of my money +Shedrick Flowers 
+Jonathan Jorge for those of us who like to use just the 1 machine... we try to make it a good one and not spend $1300 for something that you can't develop/edit-pics/videos/game on :)
that's my point +Arvind Gautam.  Why is it still ok to justify paying over 3500.00 for a laptop which most people will never be utilizing most of the power it offers (I use about 20% of the stuff that Mac OS has to offer; that's like having a closet full of clothes and I only use 2 shirts and 1 pair of jeans the whole time). 

This Pixel Chromebook out does every laptop in terms of resolution not mention it's touch screen and people are crying that it's 1300.00.  It's a good deal
ahh but +Arvind Gautam you can develop by running code on a remote server. you just can't use an IDE. you can edit photo's, you just can't use photoshop. and you can edit videos in the cloud, the problem is getting the content online first.
+Ned Jeffery the online solutions for those problems are not nearly as advanced as the offline ones yet. So I'd be better off buying a machine that allows me BOTH solutions (at a similar price point) than a machine that restricts me to 1 way of doing things.
I'm not in the market for this device because I already have a Laptop and a tablet and a smart phone, PC work station etc.  Understand that the new generation of high school and college students are going to eat this shit up.  12 year old Kids are already buying Ipods and installing apps like "Line" and then using that to make phone calls with out ever needing to have a phone number in the first place. 

You may not care about Cloud based set ups but understand that it's going to be the NORM in the next 5 years.  EVERYTHING will be in the cloud.  No more hard drives. This is the perfect product for kids in school.
+Arvind Gautam not going to argue with you there. I wish google would put their efforts into developing a Linux fork rather than this chromiumOS stuff. 
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