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The Littoral Combat Ship's price has doubled to $440 million per vessel, but cracks and corrosion have sailors dubbing it the “Little Crappy Ship.” Here are ten of the military's most expensive weapons that could draw fire once sequestration hits. |

(Photo: Photograph by Nicholas Kontodiakos/U.S. Navy)
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Maybe its about time the military had to cut the projects that are there only to appease those Congressmen who earmarked them in other legislation so their buddies in the District can make more money.
+Steve Caunce - That, and programs that are managed to ensure six-figure jobs for retired generals and admirals.
Read the article and it is absolutely retarded. The author has no concepts of why certain weapon systems are needed. The weapon systems listed seem to have been listed based upon the author's ability to find information about anything.

I have to say that Bloomberg Radio is extremely informative and thought provocing whereas Bloomberg on G+ is negative IQ inducing.

When the military gets the squeeze, personnel suffer, training standards are lowered, deployments are shortened or cut, the optempo is lowered and future projects are cut. I know, I served during the Clinton era. The weapon systems listed here are essential and current.
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