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Exclusive: E-mails show Wal-Mart sweating the slowest February start in seven years. "Where are all the customers?" |
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I actively avoid shopping at Wal-Mart as much as possible. When you think about how Wal-Mart treats its employees; how much of an impact their business model leaves on the environment; and how Wal-Mart's pricing destroys smaller business whenever a new store opens in a community, how could you not stay away from that place?

Or it could just be the economy...
I would suggest it is their consistent lack of customer service. In my personal experience it is extremely difficult to get employee's to provide service. It is as if you being there is an imposition on them. I called Benton last night and related the atrocious an indifferent treatment my wife received checking out.
Here is another peeve I have with Wal-mart: they are getting rid of brand names and almost exclusively going to their house brands. 
I get some booze at wally...its cheap and made in usa...and sure, it takes business away from local boozeries, but there's a $5-6 savings per case.

The wal mart is the biggest store we have kmart, whole foods or costco....we have a Rural King, so there's that.
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