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South Korea is an efficiency juggernaut, but the Swiss rank in the top seven for research and development. The world's most innovative countries may surprise you. |
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What have the Swiss made to raise quality of life? (Besides Swiss cheese)
Are you guys serious? Switzerland stands out as an example and the rest of the World is dreaming of living there.They punch way above their population weight and have some of the leading companies on this planet. You need to put some things into perspective and learn some respect.
I'm asking because I don't know, not to slam them. To me, if they've made such huge contributions then it shouldn't be a hard question to answer. So, simply answer the question. If you take offense to the question that's on you, not me.
You are asking because you are ignorant. It is such a daft question that it can only be a facetious attempt at belittling Switzerland (hence your silly cheese reference). I suggest you Google around and educate yourself a bit more about culture and history.
So, since you're not ignorant and you can't answer the question either...
+Lee Samaha Your response is pure name calling and crying. I could respond with belittling humor or make and win the argument that my intelligence level is >> than yours but that gets us no where and merely provides me with some amusement. By telling me to go to Google you've made my point. Switzerland has much history, culture, and wonderful people, yes, but shouldn't a notable contribution be common knowledge?

Without going to Google, if someone were to say France I could stand up for France by responding with the metric system and our modern day Olympics. Modern innovations contributed by France? Not so much. Britain gave us the Magna Carta and Crick (sp?) unveiled the structure of DNA.

So what of Switzerland? Don't respond by being flabbergasted. Communicate some intelligence.
The lady doth protest too much
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