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The Pentagon envisioned the F-35 as an affordable, state-of-the-art stealth jet, but at seven years behind schedule and 70% over budget, is this $400 billion-dollar plane worth the jobs it supports? |

(Photo: U.S. Navy/Lockheed Martin)
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Don't hate on Bloomberg. These are simply journalists reporting the news and raising fair questions. It's a reasonable debate. $400 billion for a political-military pet project? The awesome factor won't win here. Look at this holistically and you'll understand that this is no different than a police officer standing on the corner outside of a Papa Gino's Pizzeria with an M-16 strapped to his chest and four loaded magazines on his belt, drinking coffee on a Tuesday morning. Don't get me wrong, I want our military to have the best technology readily available to defend our country, but this, to me, is political warfare, not tactical. And, no, I've never been in a war or near one, but I do have faith in our men and women — with or without a $400 billion Voltron-like Navy — we will smoke anyone if it came down to it.
Unfortunately, Lockheed and Northrop have never been able to produce these awesome products for cost do to so many factors. The F35 is a fantastic aircraft, Lockheed needs to move into production faster in order to produce them for cost. 
how many of them will obama give to his muslim brothers?
+john splater Wow, amazingly sad comment. If you knew anything about aircraft to other countries, especially special aircraft like this, you would know it's Congress who makes these decisions. 
obama has nothing to do in producing this aircraft.. congress has the upper hand in approving this contract... since obama is more obsess in development of drone craft.. it is widely tested as more effective in combating terrorist hide-out and intellegence survelance.
the congress isn't keeping planes and weapons from obamas muslinm brothers.they are helping him fluck America.
Should have spent the money on the F22 Raptor and new missles and supersonic drones..People arnt needed to deliver ordinace. And the raptor F22 is air superiority ultimate where humans are still needed to do battle. 400bn ? As a Brit we have two carriers being built for this the whole project is trying to do all things . as usual ends up over priced and no good at the specifics like air combat.
Do you think USA need one of this?!! I think, the government should prioritize in using the money?!!
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