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U.S. banks had $141.3 billion in net income last year, the second-best on record, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. |
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I wish we had a national "pull your cash" day, where millions of Americans demanded all their cash from the bank at the exact same time....

Just long enough to make them all shit their pants with the realization that our money is not theirs to invest and profit from.

Savers should get dividends from the profits banks make "investing" the customer-deposited money.
+Jimbo Rizza, it won't work because banks won't be able to find the cash. It's called fractional-reserve banking and is the most efficient way for banks to play magic with your money before you can even think about taking it back from them. Man it must be great to be in banking! 
+Pamela MF, I agree from the point of view of a bank "employee," but I was referring to banks as a "business." They get to legally rape their customers. Obviously, it is not ethical, so I was also being a bit sarcastic.
You guys are right, banks should totally be able to take our deposits, invest them in the markets, and not use the money for making a local loan to the entrepeneur with a great business idea.

I'd have to be stupid to not know that growth comes from investing in chinese mining companies and offsetting losses with the vix....forget that small, new businesses create most jobs and wealth, that just can't be true....

And I'd have to be even more stupid not to know that pulling money from banks led to the great depression.....ok, I seriously can't even make that joke with a straight face.

Its amazing to me how an attempt of starting a conversation about banks not doing their most vital function, loaning and storing deposited cash, makes me the dummy.

+Forex Day Trading I believe you are right, the banks simply wouldn't have the cash if a majority demanded it at once. And this is the problem.
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