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So when I took the ‪#‎BrunchBookChallenge‬ I began styling books. And then another idea jumped into my head. Why not pass on the books that I have read? And that is when this happened. (Pssst .....Read it to find a book giveaway)

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Kommune with a K (certainly not because of the planets and their warfare but due to the unavailability of the name) promotes arts and artists and provides them with a platform to enact their artwork to an appreciative audience.

Do check them out.

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The London Diaries - My First Impressions of a city I now totally love.

We couldn’t stand each other as kids even though her mum and my dad were siblings. Thankfully, she stayed in London, and we hardly ever interacted back then except for the customary phone calls on special occasions. And then we grew up. We each figured…

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Let's talk about our child's failures, shall we?

At the beginning of the school term ‘Why don’t you stand for School Captain?’ I asked. ‘Nah’, she dismissed the idea with a wave of her hand. ‘Too much work.’ ‘How about House Captain then?’ I suggested. ‘Still too much work. My me time is precious’, she…

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Today is #BookshopDay So, have you picked any books lately?

Well, every day could be #BookshopDay in my case! And if I say I love reading after that euphoric statement, it would be underplaying it, no? So, I will start from the very beginning. As a child, books intrigued me. I don’t know about you, but every time…

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Mumbai Trains could be the second most notable attribute of this city that never sleeps, the first being the Mumbai rains. The average footfall per station, per day, runs into lakhs. One of the busiest commuter rail systems in the world, Mumbai Rail…

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Remembering you Persis - the pride of India. #MissIndia #PersisKhambatta #MyDaysOfAdvertising

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Blogwati Gee commented on a post on Blogger.
You go Tanhishqa! Have been following your work and absolutely love it. Rise to greater heights. Much love.

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Do you know the story of the Tree of Life?

I just got my old CPU going, a to-do on my 2016 list ever since 2015. Of all things precious, it was the photographs that I most wanted to salvage. Thankfully, I got it up and running, and my data was ready to be transferred. While taking the backup, a…
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