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It would be bizarre if we did not have an economic collapse soon
Click here if the above video does not play Jim Rogers is a smart investor who co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973. By 1983 the fund gained more than 4000 percent.

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How Jim Rogers positions himself
I own a lot of U.S. dollars, I short junk bonds, the agriculture has been depressed for a while, I own China — although some parts of the Chinese  economy will collapse, others parts of the Chinese economy will be fabulous.  The government is spending unbel...

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Jim Rogers invests in Tiger Brokers mobile app
Tiger Brokers allows Chinese investors to buy US stocks. With registered users exceeding 1 million, annual turnover on the Tiger Brokers platform reached US$17.6 billion at the end of 2016, up 30 times from the previous year. The three-year old Chinese onli...

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FDIC is bankrupt
...The European banks are going to have problems, some will go bankrupt, but American banks have problems too.  The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is bankrupt, and while it is still there, once the bank system starts having problems, it cannot m...

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"Its different this time"
You see throughout history that all bubbles look the same. When you see that everyone is doing the same thing, that is when you have to be aware. The most dangerous words in the investing world are “it is different this time.” It is never different. I am no...

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Jim Rogers on India and Indian Agriculture
There are one billion Indians. You and I know about the IT in India, but that is such a small part of the Indian population. The Indian government loves to say things are great, but when you actually visit the country, you will see that things in India are ...

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US Central Banks vs World Central Banks
.....Part of the reason why the U.S. dollar is so strong is that the other countries’ central banks are so bad. The head of the Japanese central bank said they will print unlimited amounts of money if they have to. Anybody thinking about the Japanese yen ha...

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Spotting investment opportunities in depressed assets
I have learned that the more people ridicule and question you, you are probably onto a good thing no matter what it is. If you are observant and notice a change and that change is something cheap and ignored in the way that the Danish Krone was in the past,...

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Asia and China is the place to be
What you think is true today will not be true in 15 years. Pick any year in history, and what everyone believed that year is no longer relevant 15 years later. In an even bigger picture than a 15-year cycle, Asia is rising whether we like it or not.  Asia i...

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Jim Rogers on Japan and Yen currency
Japan is unique because they have somewhat of a closed society and economy. They can continue to trick each other for a long time that everything is great. The media and the emperor will tell the people that everything is fine, and the people will believe t...
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