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Douglas Carswell has resigned from UKIP and will sit as an independent MP.

In a statement he said that the split is "amicable".

Carswell was never a traditional UKIPper, rather a fellow traveller who aligned himself with UKIP to achieve a common goal. He hoped a parliamentary party would steer the party down a more professional, less reactive path and whilst he had some success influencing behaviours at the top, some of the grassroots membership have been reluctant to see UKIP professionalise.

Whether Carswell should have stayed in UKIP or left the party as he has done, his relatively short time in the party has been marred by pretty embarrassing behaviour from people who should know better.

Many in UKIP are calling for Carswell to resign as he did when he defected from the Tories but he says that he won't be doing so as he isn't crossing the floor.

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The terrorist who killed four people and injured 40 in Westminster yesterday has been named as Khalid Masood.

Masood was known to the police for violent conduct but not terrorism and ... wait for it ... the BBC are reporting that he was mentally ill.

What an insult to the memory of those who were killed.

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A man has attempted to drive a car into shoppers in Antwerp, Belgium.

The car was driven at speed toward a shopping street but appears to have been stopped by security forces. The boot of the car was found to contain blades, a rifle and an unidentified bottle of liquid.

The driver has been named as Mohamed R and is a French national.

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Anti-terrorism police have raided an address in Birmingham in connection with yesterday's terrorist attack in Westminster.

Three men were arrested at a house in Hagley Road that the hire car that was driven through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge was registered to.

Birmingham's Labour administration was criticised just days ago for allowing the Sparkbook area of the city to become "a Jihadi training ground", responsible for 1 in 10 homegrown terrorists. The address raided is less than 2 miles away from Sparkbrook.

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The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the death toll in today's terrorist attack in Westminster is now five people with around 40 others injured.

In a statement not long ago, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said that the police are working on the assumption that the attack was Islamic related terrorism but then bizarrely went on to say that the police would be concentrating on tackling "right wing extremism" that the terrorist attack might foster.

Talk about skewed priorities - putting resources into something that isn't an immediate problem instead of something that is!

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The terrorist behind today's attacks in London has been unofficially named as Abu Izzadeen, a convicted hate preacher from Hackney.

Izzadeen was jailed for 4 and a half years in 2008 for raising funds for a banned terrorist organisation. He was given a 2 year prison sentence last year (which would have been reduced to 12 months for "good behaviour") for breaching travel restrictions after being arrested on a train heading from Turkey to Romania. If the terrorist was Izzadeen it is likely that the attack was planned during his time in prison.

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Met Police Assistant Commissioner, Mark Rowley, has made a statement on today's terrorist attack in Westminster.

Four people are now believed to have died, including a policeman and the terrorist, and at least 20 more injured.

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A terrorist attack has taken place outside the Houses of Parliament this afternoon with at least two person killed and an unknown number injured.

A car drove through pedestrians - including a group of French school children - on Westminster Bridge before crashing into railings outside Westminster Palace. The driver then entered Westminster Palace on foot and stabbed a police officer who has subsequently died before being shot several times.

The police are treating it as a terrorist attack but have refused to be drawn on who they believe is to blame. However, a picture of the suspected attacker is being shared on social media and the method of the attack is a common theme across Europe.

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A Plaid Cymru AM suspended over allegations of bullying a council employee has been allowed back into the Plaid group after an adjudication panel ruled that he had bullied a Cardiff council officer.

Neil McEvoy AM bullied a council employee over an eviction in his role as a councillor in Cardiff. He has issued a statement showing that he is unrepentant and wants to appeal the adjudication panel's ruling in the High Court. Despite the ruling, Plaid Cymru have allowed this bully to take the whip again showing that bad behaviour is rewarded in the establishment parties.

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